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  1. Terreos

    popup blocker

    So I'm trying to download popup blocker from cydia. However, during the dowload I get error messages and the download times out. Anyone ever have this problem?
  2. Terreos

    Customizing sms tone names?

    Ok so I finally figured out how I can replace the stock sms tones with ones that I choose. Right now I changed the "Tri-Tone" ring to a click from "Jar of Hearts". The thing is it still has the name "Tri-Tone". Is there anyway I can change the name to say "Jar of Hearts"? Or is there a way to...
  3. Terreos

    Phone won't turn on?

    I was following the Greenpois0n jailbreak guide and I think I F***ed up. I got to step five. However, instead of getting the ready to jailbreak! button in step six I get a Try Again button. I tried it a second time and decided to re-read to make sure I was doing this right. However, I noticed my...
  4. Terreos

    What's your newest favorite song?

    This might seem like an odd question but, I always stumble across a new song that I like for one reason or another. I also find some of my top favorite songs in this fashion. For me my latest is "Jar of Hearts" song by "Christina Perri". One of my co-workers was listening to some youtube videos...
  5. Terreos

    Future Iphone user.

    Since I'm new to the site and the Iphone I felt it would be appropriate to introduce myself. So as of right now I'm a Verizon customer. I currently eligible for a phone upgrade. And wouldn't you know it the Iphone 4 will be coming to verizon early next month. So I've been doing my research...