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    iPhone 4 Themes

    FACE, J-nine4, T Man: Theme is called MP2 with a lot of personal tweaks to my liking. Unfortunately, its not free.. gaz6076: I sent you a PM regarding the date/weather widget. :)
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    Weren't you the one that posted earlier in the thread about how dumb people were to convert their iP4 to white? ....bahahaha, now you wanna do the conversion as well? I guess your "normal way of a conversation starter" didnt work huh, lol. Your a joke.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Theme Question Please Help

    The loading screen files are most of the time labeled "Default" "Default-load-screen" "Default-screen" etc. or something along those lines. As far deleting them, why would you do that? Sometimes, in order for the @2x, which means its meant/supported for ip4's retina display, you need both the...
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    :D - New Wallpaper - New Dock - New Wifi
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    The "actual" coding has been around for awhile. Someone took it and made it look more 3D'ish.. I then took it and simply moved it around my SB to my liking. :)
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    White iPhone 4 Finally Arrived! Unboxing Inside!

    I'm not sure if they're related in anyway but theres been blogs about someone from NY being investigated for selling converted white iP4's. Now, this might just be a coincidence but when I talked through PM's, he told me he was located in NY. Sooooooo...... ionno, like I said it could be the...
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    - New Lockscreen w/minor tweaks to it. (A bit of a pain to get it where I wanted) - New .css tweaks to date/weather widget on SB.
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    change dock from the bottom to the side

    You'll need to add/replace the dock image file with a transparent one. As far the directory would go.. I'm not sure, try google'n it.
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    change dock from the bottom to the side

    Place a black transparent section over whatever wallpaper your using in Photoshop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Adapting themes to work on 4g

    ..they go into your /Libary/Your theme.theme/UIImages/ dir. Edit* And you'll probably need to re-size them + add "@2x" to each of the files in order for them to show up on your iP4.
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    The Kanye Bear I got from another iOS forum. The illest tag is the same one available for download on Cydia under 'Carrier' section. I simply re-sized, re-colored and renamed it too work on iP4. :)
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    Noob questions about themes

    First off, you need to be jailbroken in order for you to change the things you want. There are a few things you can change without being jailbroken, but for the SMS txt bubbles, you will need to be jailbroken. Things you'll need after your jailbroken from Cydia: - Open SSH - Winterboard...
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    change dock from the bottom to the side

    He's an active member over on another iOS forum. He used Gridlock to push his springboard icons to the right and iBlank to create blank icons for his dock. You can you Gridlock on your dock, but he used iBlank since he mentioned it had something to do with spacing out the icon correctly on his...
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    :) Edit* And I changed out my page dots.. I know, they look pixelated. Obviously not meant for iP4's Retina, I'm gonna see if I can't re-size them myself to look better. :D
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    iPhone 4 Themes

    New updates: - 'Illest' Carrier Tag - New Lockscreen - New Date/Weather Widget - New Slide to Unlock/Answer/Power-off Skin ..working on changing out my page dots now. :)
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    Here's my white iphone 4! you simply replaced your Black casing with a White one right? That looks pretty good.. how hard is it too do the mod? I'm one of those people that absolutely love the white iPhone.. not very fond of my black iP4. :(
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    iPhone 4 Cracked Glass Cases Almost Double the iPhone 3GS’ (GIZMODO)

    Srsly.. it seems like you were careless when you broke the screen. I do admit, I've dropped mine once and it almost gave me a heart attack. After that, I am VERY VERY careful with my phone now. :)
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    my icons wont change ?!?!?

    ..thats because most of the themes are meant for older firmwares. Apple changed almost everything regarding file locations/names with iOS4.. There are a few themes that are getting updated/released that support iP4's retina.
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    Anyone know this theme?

    Not sure about the theme, but if you want your dock icons to look like that, its called 5 flow icon dock. :)
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    iPhone 4 Themes, its called MP2 (iPhone 4 Retina Version). There are a couple other versions of this from the creator made for the older gen iPhones, so make sure you get the Retina version if you have a iP4. Of course, I've made my own little tweaks here and there too it. I've also recently cleaned up...