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  1. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

  2. Garrett

    What's your Theme?

    heres my latests.... its called Boss.ios
  3. Garrett

    What else can it do?

    this is happening more and more. I used to be part of a android development team and made the switch to iOS about a year ago.
  4. Garrett

    iTunes charging me for previously purchased apps

    go into settings and about 1/2 way down or so you will see a section titled "Store" go in there and make sure the "Apple ID" you have matches the ID you used to purchase the app's. you can use whatever other ID elsewhere just that one needs to stay the same or you will be charged again.
  5. Garrett

    Post your lock screens!

    we always take over the screenshot threads..... ALWAYS
  6. Garrett

    Post your lock screens!

  7. Garrett


    i use this one on some themes.... it used to be in cydia not sure why i cant find it anymore so i included the zip. this will only change the slider ant will have no affect on anything else.
  8. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

  9. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

    i also use springtomize to get a 5x5 springboard. sorry forgot about that part...
  10. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

    i use "gridlock" to place the folders where i want. Its in cydia just search for it. The theme is called "Avaleo HD". Search for it in cydia.
  11. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

    my latest....
  12. Garrett

    How much will you spend on an iphone accessary?

    for cases my limit is anywhere from 40-60, it all depends on who its from and what it has with it.
  13. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

    something simple.... the lockscreen is animated the numbers scroll up as they change.
  14. Garrett

    Apple Patents may = incompatible???

    yeah the new dock connector is no surprise. Its been talked about for some time now but im sure apple will make a 30 pin conversion adapter. If apple doesn't make one theres plenty of 3rd party manufacturers will have one.
  15. Garrett

    phone number

    in other words you cant send stalker messages to your EX.
  16. Garrett

    PLEASE Quick help

    ill second this i keep bluetooth on 100% of the time and have never run into an issue.
  17. Garrett

    Wireless headset available using Pandora on your iPhone?

    yeah theres a bunch of them out there. You just need to make sure they support Bluetooth "A2DP" some come with or without a microphone to use for calls too
  18. Garrett

    Flashing Iphone 4 from Verizon to Metro PCS

    Metro PCS will also flash it for you. I think they charge 40 bucks for the service.
  19. Garrett

    If you wasnt using a iphone what phone would you use

    honestly i would most likely check out a windows mobile 7+ device. Ive been using iPhones for a while i also have a drawer full of current android phones since i'm an android developer and i would never use android as a daily driver.
  20. Garrett

    Show Your Home Screens

    im not sure if there is a SD version but the lockscreen is called "Wordclock Widget" its free in cydia. Then the home screen theme is a mashup of about 4 different paid themes that i picked the parts i liked out of each and made my own which i cannot share since they are all paid themes. the...