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    To case or not to case?

    +1 for a cheap rubbery silicone bumper
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    ios 5.1 software upgrade doesn't have siri?

    There is Spire which works with a proxy server and will get you what you want
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    Do you clean your phone?

    Ahhhh.. lol
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    Contacts transfer help needed plz

    The latest and greatest method of either saving / restoring / editing contacts on the phone is with CopyTransContacts Now the great news, the bad news and more god news.. The great news is that its free and can be downloaded from *** Removal of External Link per Forum Rules *** The bad news...
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    How can I restore my iPhone4 to 5.0.x with out blobs...

    The answers to life the universe and blobs can be found at .. Well maybe not life and the universe, but blobs are covered.. lol
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    My home made stylus with a twist

    I guess the answer to the drawing is P I S T O L But what do you use for the tip ?
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    Do you clean your phone?

    I clean mine every day by rubbing it either on my t shirt or sweater depending on the weather
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    Pod2g now has all 5.1 exploits needed and is working on bypassing ASLR

    3530 have voted so far.. lol When the next ios comes along will the found exploits still be valid anyway? so I voted for ASAP
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    Is there a hole behind the apple logo?

    If you do a search on the u tube thingy.. there are a couple of videos showing modifications where a light has been installed Heres a link to some info
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    Pod2g now has all 5.1 exploits needed and is working on bypassing ASLR

    I get the point that i0n1c is making and have to agree with the direction he is taking. A person with other means of income or support and hacking in their spare time needs or demands no reward other than the 'crack' (pun intended).. but as we get older and take on the burden of...
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    Block messages

    If jailbroken then there are apps mentioned in another thread.. If not jailbroken then the 'best' work around option is to get a silent ringtone then add the number you want to block into your contacts and assign the silent ring tone to that number
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    Expected battery time for 3GS model?

    I've found that there are things that reduce battery time whilst in standby Leaving Wifi and 3g data on when not needed seem to be the worst culprits.
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    Pay for an iOS 5 Jailbreak & unlock?

    The only thing thats certain ... is to trust what Poisonivy has posted above.
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    Backing up gives me old apps

    Maybe you didn't pick the 'move to bin' option in itunes when you deleted ?
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    Ice Age Village Reaches 5 Million Downloads Milestone

    I downloaded it and played for a an hour or two ... then deleted it for the reason posted above by Yakuzagang5, lol So whilst the 5 million is a very good number, its not as relevant as how many are still playing after a week or two and have been suckered into spending £ / $ from the in game...
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    iphone 4 charger voltage and amp specs

    The most important number is the voltage .. it must be 5v The next is the amount of amps that the charger is capable of supplying ... this must not be less than 1 amp (1000mA) in the case of a phone and must be greater than 2 amps (2000mA) for an ipad. So in theory (cough) the greater the amps...
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    Is the Wifi card in the 3G iPhone replaceable?

    There is a company in China that say they can replace chips on the logic board and repair the no Wifi fault .... but by my reckoning it costs more than the phones worth.
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    Iphone barred. is it possible to get it working again?

    Thinking logically. Yes I'm sure that the 'found phone' is the property of the company who supplied the new one and should be returned.. or maybe as the old phone has been found, then maybe the replacement should be returned.. lol But the question arises, 'at whos expense' ? My thoughts are...
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    Is it safe to use iPad charger to charge iPhone?

    Its fine to use it. Rather than start showing the maths and demonstrating power supply design, the bottom line is that .... The iphone will ask less of the ipad charger than its capable of providing and the charging voltage output is the same.
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    Thinking of Jailbreaking but are not sure?

    Did you not watch the video all the way through ?