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  1. Jvandyke13

    Fake Operator app causing Safe Mode

    Just FYI everyone if your jailbroken and use the Fake Operator application and have updated it recently, you probably keep booting into Safe Mode. I figured out its that app, so i uninstalled it and everything is fine now. A buddy who also is jailbroken with the same app had the same problems...
  2. Jvandyke13

    Jailbreaking and Battery

    can anyone tell me if it would make a difference if im jailbroken and running a theme with winterboard vs/ being jailbroken with NO Theme. does using a theme use up battery? Just trying to get an idea if i should be rollin with a theme or not since my work (where i am most often) has a very low...
  3. Jvandyke13

    Theme help

    I'm using the iflat theme installed through cydia and the status bar is alright when on the springboard but when I go into an app it changes the fonts to a dark color and can barely see it. Is there a way I can change the status bar font colors when I'm in an app and still be able to keep the...
  4. Jvandyke13

    Don't want to jailbreak but....

    I do not want to jailbreak my verizon iPhone but I was wondering if there is anyway possible to tether without having to pay with no jailbreak. And also if there is any way to get timestamps for every SMS? That is driving me nuts. Let me know if there are any options for me other than...
  5. Jvandyke13

    SMS notification badge

    Anyone having the problem of the notification badge not appearing on the SMS icon after you press the close popup? Sometimes I don't wanna read it right away and then I forget bout it because the badge isn't there sometimes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Jvandyke13

    IOS 4.3 for CDMA Verizon iPhone.

    Anyone know why we will not be getting the 4.3 update? Or know when we will. Maybe since some of the features in 4.3 are already loaded on our versions 4.2.6 maybe we will just be jumping straight to 4.4 when it comes. Any thoughts ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jvandyke13

    Easy photo backup/upload

    Anyone know an easy way to back up all photos on the iPhone without using iTunes? Like picasa or something ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk