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    Syncing Voice Memos Issue

    I still have the Operating System 4.1 and have not updated to 4.2. I have noticed when I first synced that my voice memos would sync. They no longer sync. I have 25 voice memos labeled with first and last name on my iPhone and only 16 show up after syncing on the computer. Also somehow after I...
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    iPod Music Turnoff Question

    I am new to using the iPod but managed to download some songs from iTunes. When I am done listening and want to turn the song or the iPod off, I can't find a button to stop the song. It keeps on playing. I also tried it with voice control and said "Stop" and it would not stop the song and...
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    Pandora Radio Download Issue

    I downloaded the free Pandora Radio application last night and it is sitting there "WAITING" (for what?) and that a day later! :confused: I reported the problem on the REPORT button and I received a thank you and I am still WAITING. Question: I don't want to have an app sitting on my screen in...
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    International Keyboard Question

    As you all know different languages have different letters in the alphabet. The iPhone offers in Settings International keyboards and gives you a layout of the letters in a another language on the keyboard. I am looking for accented characters on a keyboard on a non-English keyboard. Does...
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    Lots of viewers but not many posters

    Hi, I just looked at a post that had 16,140 viewers and only 132 posters. What is wrong with that equasion? Anyone care to answer this question?
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    New Member

    :photos: Hi, I am new here and I am trying to use my iphone and learning everything it has to offer to manage myself better. I used to read the paper on my lunch time at work, now I play with my iphone. Is that ever going to stop or will I go back to the old fashion way and read the paper? I...
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    Pictures taken from iPhone land sideways on computer

    Hi, I am totally new here and I am frustrated with Apple Technical Support. I have a new iPhone and I know how to use the camera and send the picture via E-mail. The problem is that the pictures land sideways on everybody's computer. I have tried to send it from different email addresses but it...