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  1. xboxmahoney

    Update to 5.1

    As anyone noticed horrible battery life on your 4S after updating to 5.1? Thanks,
  2. xboxmahoney

    RETURN to send messages.

    So I have and iPhone 4S and at iPad and a wireless keyboard I use for my iPad. Is there any way or any app that will make it so I can use the RETURN/ENTER on my device and key board (both are jail broken by the way) to send messages instead of always have to press the send button? Thanks,
  3. xboxmahoney

    Audio docks for both iPad and iPhone

    Hat are some good docks out there that will compliment the iPad and iPhone. Preferably a alarm clock as well. Thanks,
  4. xboxmahoney

    Ringtone Sounds

    Hey y'all, Has anyone out there discovered a way to fix the ringtone issue. Where the ringtone sounds more muffled than it would if you were to set the same time for text or email etc... Thanks,
  5. xboxmahoney

    iMessage activation message "Waiting for activation..."

    Has anyone else experienced this with their iPhone 4S? My iMessage works fine on my iPad (what Im on right now). But yet, on my iPhone, I go to activate it and it just sits at that message. With the indicator on, and right below, it says "Waiting for activation...". Help. Thanks, Sent from...
  6. xboxmahoney

    Downloading files within email

    Does anyone know of a way to download an attachment (doc, spreadsheet, mp3 mr4 clip) that was sent to me via email? Preferably without an app but and app would do too. Thank in advance. Also any cool tips and trick would help too. This is my first iPhone which I love btw (16gb 4S). Thanks again.