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  1. ranger101

    I message for Ipnone

    Is the I message for Iphone free and how do I get it?
  2. ranger101

    Trouble w/Wallpaper on ios 7

    I have a Iphone 4s with ios 7 and the wallpaper is way to big for the phone screen. Like it,s stretched out to far. I,ve tried changing the image size, even cropping does,nt help. All you can do with ios7 is move and shift an oversize pic. Has anyone else had this problem?. Thanks
  3. ranger101

    Photos Not Streaming to PC

    My 4s phone all of a sudden stopped streaming photos to my PC. Has anyone ever had this happen before and knows how to fix it. Thanks
  4. ranger101

    Photo Timer for Iphone

    I have two things I hope I can find answers for. Has anyone ever heard of a Timer for the Iphone? And does anyone know how long you can take video with the Iphone. I know most small point and shoot dig cameras have a 3 min. max time on their video mode.
  5. ranger101

    Video Transfer to Computer Help

    I use I tunes to transfer photos but it won,t transfer videos. I,ve tried dropbox but I,d like to use itunes or. Is there another way somehow to get my Iphone videos to my PC.? I hope somebody can help me with this. Thanks
  6. ranger101

    Video Transfer to Computer

    Does anyone know how to transfer videos taken with the IPhone to your computer? Thanks
  7. ranger101

    Hot Spot for IPhone 4s

    I have an IPhone 4s w/6.1.1 and would like to use it for a Hot Spot. Does anyone know how to turn the Hot Spot on. I know I,d have to have the 5 Gig data plan. Thanks for any help.
  8. ranger101

    I Phone 3Gs vibrating

    I have a 3Gs phone that seems to vibrate for no reason, no incomeing calls or nothing. The screen has the bell with the line through it and it viberates for a minute and then quiets and then starts viberates another minute and quiets again. Does anyone know what would make it do that. Thanks for...
  9. ranger101

    Transfering Photos

    I have a 3gs w/ 6.01 ios. I can make a new folder in photos but does anyone know how to put photos in the new folder. As of now all my photos I take go in 1 folder. You would think you could choose a folder as you took a picture. Thanks for any help on this.
  10. ranger101

    Inverted Color mode changing

    I went to settings,general and then assesibilty to switch to inverted background colors and it also changes all the photos in my photo roll to look like they were negitives. Does anybody know why it does that?
  11. ranger101

    Iphone 3gs want to delete io6

    I have a Iphone 3gs locked. Not jailbroken. I upgraded to the io6 like my phone advised me to. I don,t like the New white background on the dialpad. I see I can restore from itunes but I hate to lose all my music. Is there a way I can go back to io5 without restoreing back to factory settings?
  12. ranger101

    Help with i0s 6

    I just downloaded iO 6 and I see it turned my dial pad on the phone screen a white background is there a way I can get the black background back ?
  13. ranger101

    Trying to use Iphone 3Gs for Hotspot

    I,d like to know how to use my Iphone 3Gs for a hotspot . Does anyone know how. Thanks.
  14. ranger101

    I Tunes Help

    Does anyone know how to change songs to Mp3 format?, I was,nt sure where to put this thread in the forum.
  15. ranger101

    Useing my iphone for internet access ??

    Is there someway I can use my iphone 3GS for internet service for my PC. I was reading that there is a thing called hotspot or something.
  16. ranger101

    Photo stream Quit streaming to PC

    I really liked it when I took a photo and it automat sent it to my PC. Now It won,t send the photos to my PC. Does anybody know why it quit doing it?
  17. ranger101

    Music from PC to I Phone

    I have been having trouble putting music on my I phone. When I try to drag and drop or send to I phone method a little window pops up and says Can not Copy,, Devise has either stopped working or been unpluged. And the PC shows it still pluged in and chargeing. I cannot even use the sync mode in...
  18. ranger101

    iphone 3gs and itunes

    Has anyone out there transfered music from the Windows music center to there iphone ??? I installed itunes and everything and still can,t figure out how to move music to my I phone.
  19. ranger101

    I phone music download

    I was wondering how to transfer music from my PC to my I Phone?
  20. ranger101

    I phone 3GS Charging ??

    I hope I,m in the right section for this,,,, I have a Iphone 3GS and sometimes when I plug it in to charge it a the warning sign pops up and says this devise cannot be charged with this assesory (sp) and it is the factory wall charger. ?