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    Something wrong with Wifi

    Yeah I'm using the new OS. Great.
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    Something wrong with Wifi

    It didn't work, it still connected for like 5 seconds then went back to 3G on its own....:'(
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    Something wrong with Wifi

    I selected an app yesterday that had to be downloaded through Wifi, so I turned on my Wifi. It shows the Wifi sign on my iPhone for about 5 seconds, then it goes back to 3G (or edge if I have 3G turned off). I have tried restarting my phone, resetting network settings, I've tried entering my...
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    yellow screen

    Well that's that then. There is no way I'm going to be separated from my phone for over a week, LOL. That is so sad but its the truth, its like my third love (with my son and hubby being first of course, haha).
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    None :( I did have an iMac 21.5 and a new Macbook but unfortunately I had to sell both to pay for unexpected medical bills. BOO!! Now I just own an iPhone 4 and a crappy Compaq laptop.
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    Iphone 4 or Iphone 3?

    I love the iPhone 4, but I like the feel of the 3Gs a lot more. I also felt like the 3Gs was sturdier too, I am so scared with my iPhone 4, but that might be because it's still fairly new and I'm still in that psycho phase where I have to clean the screen off and what not every 10 seconds LOL.
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    yellow screen

    I think I'll call AT&T when they open and see if they can do the replacement, if I have to end up mailing it to Apple I think I'll just keep it. I don't know if AT&T does that, but maybe since there's no Apple store here they do?
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    yellow screen

    Oh okay...Is it worth replacing? If I keep it how it is now will it cause any future problems? I don't have an Apple store here, I wonder if I take it into AT&T if they will replace it.
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    yellow screen

    I posted about this in my new member thread, but I figured id ask here. Since I bought my iPhone (october 22) I have a yellow spot on my screen. I can only really see it if im in the app store or on a webpage that has a white screen. Its at the bottom left corner, that's the only spot I see it...
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    Front proximity sensor is makin me mad

    Mine does this ALL.THE.TIME......:( I'll be talking to my husband and all of a sudden ill hear him saying..."hello...hello...hello?!" UGH. It does it every single phone call to anybody, its usually the mute button or hold. I did the reset so we'll see if that worked.
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    Getting a Free Bumper for iPhone 4 from Apple

    I don't think you'll need the case. I haven't had an issue with my reception at all, and my iPhone is naked. ;)
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    Ringtones for iphone 4

    I always get my ringtones from, they have a pretty good free selection.
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    Need some convincing to stay..looking to switch to the Droid X

    Since you asked.. My husband has Verizon and I have AT&T, I hate it. I always have to worry about going over my minutes when I talk to him because its not free, it sucks. He refuses to come to AT&T so guess that means I'll stick to texting with him. ;)
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    iphone 4 iOS 4.2 battery life

    The battery has been weird for me too since upgrading, I'm going to try the reset right now and will let you all know what happens. :)
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    Is this normal for iphone?

    Mine gets hot when I'm playing a game for a while or talking for a long time, not that hot though, just warm. :) My 3G would get pretty hot though, that was no fun.
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    Pay as you go AT&T iPhone 4 works GREAT!

    Jeez, 19.99 a month for 100mb of data? That's kind of pricey.
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    iOS 4.2 delayed?

    Dang! I got so excited and went to update it, but then I saw this and the "10AM release time"........What to do for 2 hours.
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    Announcement tuesday am

    Yep. :(
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    IPhone 4 Dropped in water now no Backlight

    No good!! My one year old tries to get his hands on my iPhone all the time, that's a big NO. Hopefully you can get it fixed, sounds like you need to just replace the screen? I'd call Apple.
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    Hello :)

    I bought it a month ago and when I called Apple they said I could bring it in, but they've seen this issue before and it had something to do with them shipping the phones out so quickly that the glue (or whatever he said) wasn't drying all the way, causing the yellow marks. That probably...