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  1. xboxmahoney

    Sprint prepaid iphone

    Sprints prepaid services are Boost and Virgin Mobile. The iPhone is slated to release for Boost Mobile this month, and for Virgin Mobile, this summer.
  2. xboxmahoney

    Mark Zuckerberg Rings NASDAQ Bell; Facebook Third Largest IPO Opening in History

    Stock is down more than $10 from when it became available. Big bust or a sleeper stock.
  3. xboxmahoney

    Apparent New iPhone 5 Casings Appear Online

    Doesn't look too bad. Will just have to wait until apple confirms anything.
  4. xboxmahoney

    iPhone 5 Front Panel Video Emerges

    Would love it if they could keep the size of the 4S and still make a bigger screen. Totally possible! Would be all over it!
  5. xboxmahoney

    Cricket Wireless Gets First Pre-Paid iPhone in the US

    Not worth the money at all. You can get the 4S for $199.99 with very good service and only $79.99/mo unlimited. You plan on having a phone for 2 years right? So, what's the big deal?
  6. xboxmahoney

    Sprint Billing

    Customers don't get it. Whether you buy a phone or pay your bill, the account number is the same. So if you have a balance and you buy a phone, it goes to the entire acct. so yes, the charge for the phone will be billed to your acct. It all evens out in the end. You authorized them to make...
  7. xboxmahoney

    Sprint Billing

    Sounds legit. I was told it was because of the release of the iPhone. Supposedly, BTA brought a risk of fraud. Sprint was worried that people would BTA 5 iPhones and run and resell because when it first launched, they came unlocked. Oh well, it is what it is. At leased CL can BTA. Especially...
  8. xboxmahoney

    Verizon iPhone 4 on Sprint?

    I work for Sprint. It is possible to have a vzw phone on Sprint however, because of restrictions you will only be able to use voice and text. No data would be available because on CDMA, the device has to be locked to that network to use its data.
  9. xboxmahoney

    iPhone 4S cases...?

    I have a graphite colored Caron fiber on my phone body with a invisishield accompanied by a otter box commuter case. I may purchase a life proof case later on because I would love to shoot video underwater when swimming with the kids and such. xboxmahoney
  10. xboxmahoney

    Sprint Billing

    I work for Sprint and totally agree with you on this policy change. It affects us as employees in the store too. I wasn't thrilled at all with that change of policy. Your pain is felt on the other side of the counter as well my friend. xboxmahoney
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    Thinking of getting iPhone 4 today..anything i need to know?

    The 4S is totally worth the extra $100. You'll love your iPhone. xboxmahoney
  12. xboxmahoney

    Sprint Hotspot and ipad2

    I've used it only a few times (only when wifi isn't available) and seems to work fine. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy usage. Get a dedicated Sprint Mobile Hotspot instead. May cost a little more but, you'll get 4G speeds (depending on where you're located) and dedicated 3G speeds. xbxomahoney
  13. xboxmahoney

    Stay away from sprint

    If network vision is going to be as good as projected and advertised, I'm totally willing to sacrifice data speeds for a while. Besides, anywhere I go, wifi is around so I get faster speeds anyway and don't use as much battery. I'm on my iPhone and iPad constantly so...... Can't wait for NV to...
  14. xboxmahoney

    Stay away from sprint

    Also, the FCC wouldn't allow sprint to go bankrupt. That would leave Verizon as the main CDMA provider and would create a monopoly. Same reason the FCC put a stop to ATTs purchase of Tmobile. Some bloggers are so ignorant.
  15. xboxmahoney

    Question about using an old plan with an iPhone

    With activating a smartphone regardless of whether you purchase it from Sprint or not, it is required to carry a data plane with device. That being said, you would face a bill increase to $79.99 for the Data 450 plan. Cheaper than any other provider I might add. xboxmahoney
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    How do you like sprints coverage?

    You know, it is impossible to make every single customer happy. I bet you were one of those customers that was like "I've been a customer for years so you have to change your rules just for me.". Just because you have been a customer for a long period of time or have multiple lines, doesn't mean...
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    How do you like sprints coverage?

    Lol! True that! If that's case, my service will only get more awesome than it already is!! xboxmahoney
  18. xboxmahoney

    How do you like sprints coverage?

    You people need to do research before you bring these facts to the table. Sprint is actually gaining more customers by a ration of 4 to 1. They are gaining 4 for everyone they lose, especially from Tmobile. And to cancel your lines over a few dollars change to the discount program? C'mon...
  19. xboxmahoney

    Update to 5.1

    As anyone noticed horrible battery life on your 4S after updating to 5.1? Thanks,