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  1. inspire3

    Sound help please

    Ty so much finally have my blue tooth again I missed not having my wireless :-)
  2. inspire3

    Loving my new IPHONE

    I was also a BB user and then my daughter talked me into the iPhone 3 I am now on the iPhone 4 (not latest model tho) I would hate to be without my phone
  3. inspire3

    Sound help please

    Blue tooth is plantronics P590 and the video is in the apps itself like global tv app etc thank you for taking the time to help :-)
  4. inspire3

    Siri available on 3GS, 4, iTouch 3g & 4g! ported by iAmS1r1 dev team

    I guess I have a lot to learn on this iPhone stuff lol
  5. inspire3

    Sound help please

    How come all videos n such on the iPhone has no sound except for you tube do u need to use headphones for the other type? Does it have something to do with HD? Also I have wireless Bluetooth set that worked on my iPhone 3 but can't get it to pair with my iPhone 4 keeps saying its searching but...
  6. inspire3

    New member

    Hello fellow iPhone users I am a new member glad to be here I had the iPhone 3 now I have the iPhone 4 but not the newest one (didn't even know at time another was coming out lol)
  7. inspire3

    Bluetooth problem

    Mine also keeps searching but never finds :-(
  8. inspire3

    Bluetooth problem

    I would like to know too why my blue tooth won't pick up on this iPhone 4 but had no issues on my iPhone 3