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    Internal speaker low volume - iphone 4

    My ear speaker on my iphone 4 works but is so low it is virtually unusable. The external speaker works fine and the headphones work ok. I have replaced the ear speaker with no change. What else might I do?
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    touch screen unresponsive after LCD and case change 3gs

    You can buy a new 4 for $.99.
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    iphone 4 just quit working

    Nothing worked until I held the power button and home button down together for about 10 seconds. It came back up. Until then, it did not respond to being plugged in or anything. It's working now.
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    iphone 4 just quit working

    My iphone was working fine all morning. Just now,I went to use it again and nothing happened. I plugged it in and nothing happened. It seems to be completely dead. I have only had it for 3-4 months. What can I do?