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    Contact List Entries Disappear -Outlook/iPhone 4

    I use MS Outlook for all my contact list entries, about 400 entries in all. I do not store contact entries into "My iPhone" contact group. For the most part the sync between my Outlook Contact entries to my iPhone works.....and visa versa. Once in awhile, about 300+ contact entries...
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    Reorder or Sort Favorites List

    As I have built my Favorites List from Contacts, I would like to reorder or sort the sequence that I have built Favorites List. How can I reorder or resort the sequence of the Favorites List?
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    Create new folder in Photo Album App

    Thanks!!!!! It took me awhile to find "Photos" in iTunes, I am new to iTunes. Did not know to locate it under my device, and then the only thing I noticed was "Summary" view for while......then I finally saw the other menu list within the "Summary" view!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been searching...
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    Create new folder in Photo Album App

    How do I create new folders in Photo app on new iphone4? I have read the other threads about creating folder in mycomputer and syncing in iTunes app, but I have tried that.....can't seem to figure out in iTunes app version