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    Best case in my opinion.

    In my opinion the best all around case I'm not talking waterproof cases I mean offers great drop protection and so on is the Speck candyshell but but that is my opinion.
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    To case or not to case?

    I have always had this worry about dropping my iPhone since it is glass front and back so when out I use a case but I have always hated using cases because they cover up the beauty of the iPhone. So what do you guys recommend any good cases out there that expose the beauty or should I just start...
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    Bumper for 4s

    I was using my fiancées bumper she has for her ip4 but the silent toggle is almost halfway covered doesn't fit right any suggestions on another number that looks like the apple bumper but will fit the 4s? Thanks mike
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    Dropped my iphone

    Dropped on my iPhone today at work had a case on it but still managed to get about a 1.5 inch crack in back by led flash would apple exchange it if so how much or should I just go with a color swap service one because I wouldn't mind getting a different color. Just let me know first how much...
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    Full body shields?

    I'm looking into buying a full body shield for my 4s was just seeing if you guys/girls had any advice on which one to go with? Thanks Mike
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    Facebook notification but nothing?

    I already emailed Facebook and no response yet but was wondering if any body else had this problem where it shows I have a friend request only on the Facebook app not on my computer it doesn't. But when I click it a it says no new friend requests just wanted to see if anybody else had this...
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    New to the forums

    Hey everybody my names mike and I recently just got my 32gb white 4s and am loving it and heard about these forums before but wanted to sign up and get involved also maybe learn more and my iPhone. Mike