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    [iPhone 4]How do I downgrade to 6.1.3 on a mac?

    I have asked this question before after hours of anger and itunes errors, I gave up. I see that tiny umbrella now supports ios 7.0.4. So how do I downgrade ios 7 to 6.1.3 on an iPhone 4 on a MAC. I dont care how you do it as long as it will run on a mac. I have searched and searched but all...
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    How do I dump SHSH blobs on ios 7 on an iphone 4

    How do I dump SHSH blobs on ios 7 on an iphone 4. I dont have a windows computer only a mac so i cant use ifaith.
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    How do I tell what causes my iPhone to crash

    I have had my iPhone crash often since jailbreaking it when evasi0n7 came out. I have been able to sort out what was causing the crash everytime usually a package installed from cydia. I can't figure what is causing my phone to crash this time though, on the home screen when I pull down the...
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    Downgrade iOS 7.0.3 to iOS 6.1.3 with blobs iPhone 4 on a mac?

    I am the owner of an iPhone 4 upgraded to iOS 7. I have become tired of apps force closing and slow responsiveness. I looked online and have found that it is possible to downgrade with ifaith but faith is only for windows I have a mac. I have tried stitching and restoring with redsn0w, I also do...