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    voice activator

    anyone know how to 'enter text' in an sms via speech? im under the impression this is possible via voice activator but cannot work it out. cheers
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    linux + redsnow

    is there a linux version? if so where? it needs to be the latest to jb iphone 4 on 4.2.1 cheers fellas p.s im gonna try and create a pendrive version of linux just to run redsnow and to boot tethered, i'm sure theres loads of people out there who have access to a computer through the day...
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    itunes very annoying

    ive relocated my itunes folder to a different drive so it wont be affected by a crash etc, now when i plugged my iphone in to sync it wiped it, saying that its synced with a different library!!! its the same one just on a different drive. i would have thought whatever itunes uses to identify...
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    ive just been experimenting with ibooks and came acreoss this 'book server' for the pc(and others) calibre - E-book management its free and very good, you just log into it from the iphone, click on a book and it downloads to ibooks!!! you have to source your ebooks and convert them into epub...
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    iphone 4 airtime plans

    just been on the apple site and was amazed at how expensive us contracts seem to be compared with our uk ones, comparing data, sms and call time and also taking into account handset initial cost!! im on the 3 one plan, 5000 texts (unlimited) 2000 minutes(unlimited) and all you can eat data for...
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    newbie in sheffield

    hello to you all, i'm Gav from Sheffield, uk. iv had the 3gs for quite a while now and my new 4 will be arriving tomorrow, somewhere between 8 am and 5 pm annoying delivery companies. what is gonna be the bit that really strikes me and makes me think it was worth the upgrade. what do i need...