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    App update question

    connect phone through itunes on pc/mac? try update it that way? or uninstall and re-install?
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    Iphone 5 lcd screen replacement

    easy to do, heres a video and you can buy a new screen on ebay i guess or a quick google should find somewhere like iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Assembly with Frame
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    What is the best network in the uk

    I am on Three, the one plan, cant complain about much except the customer service side over the phone, but today it was announced that three wont be charging extra for 4G when they release it sometime this year
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    UK carriers to offer 4G (LTE) soon

    i read this today...which is good news as its not going to cost me any extra for 4G, and because i am on the one plan its unlimited usage.... glad i didnt give in to EE 6months ago now U.K.?s Smallest Carrier, Three, Says It Won?t Charge More For 4G Than 3G | TechCrunch
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    another newbie to this forum

    Just posting a quick hi, and a bit about my phone history, i have had every iphone upto iphone 4, then I decided to try the galaxy s3, then in december i got a HTC 8x when i smashed the screen on the s3 and now i have just ordered an iphone 5! and its not because the s3/htc are a bad phone...