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    Samsung Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4S

    Give me reasons why to buy the iPhone 4S instead of the Samsung Galaxy S2 tonight!
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    When to buy my iPhone 4S?

    I understand that pod2g is making good progess with his jailbreak. So I guess I should buy an iPhone 4S soon? When the jailbreak is out, Apple will probably patch it in the next firmware. And if that firmware is on my brand new iPhone 4S, I would not be able to jailbreak it! Am I right? What...
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    iOS 5 jailbreak

    Everyone should read!
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    How to buy an factory unlocked iPhone 4S in the US and import it to Europe?

    The reason I want to buy it in the US is of course because the dollar is worth less than the euro. Anyone an idea? And if it's not possible. What about if someone buys it in the US and brings it back to Europe, is that possible? Will I even be able to use it properly? It's a wordphone, so it...
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    iPhone 5 jailbreak

    Just wondering... If the iPhone 5 or whatever it is called comes out, it will of course have the A5 chip. Will it be jailbreakable? I have heard a few things about the requirement of the bootrom being dumped... I haven't heard about it being dumped yet. You? Any news?
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    Hi there

    I am new to the iPhone. Well I even don't have one yet, and that's why I am here. Hopefully I will soon be a happy owner of a iPhone 4. :) I am glad forums like this one exist.
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    New phone

    Since yesterday I had the idea to buy an iPhone 4, but I don't know a thing about these phones. I want it to be sim lock free. Is that something like jailbreak? Hard to do? Can any iPhone be unlocked/jailbroken? Are there two versions like the iPad? (3G and wifi) And I am still hesitating about...