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    Making Message app Better

    I use SMS+, it does everything I need it to.
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    Jailbreaking the iOS 5 will get you Siri Dictation on older iDevices

    It is still out on one repo, but it is one which also has cracked apps so I can't say which.
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    Fbuploader and yourtube for IOS5 ????

    I don't think there will be a way to download videos until safari download manager is updated for iOS 5.
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    Youtube app won't work.

    I can't login to the native youtube app, I know it is a problem with the app because it works fine from safari and on my computer. Any idea how to fix it?
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    Apps Disappear when I sync with Itunes

    Try googling your problem because I am fairly certain that installous is one of the things we aren't allowed to discuss here due to the whole piracy thing.
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    How to lock orientation

    Is there any way to lock the iPhone 4 in landscape orientation?
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    How to improve iPhone bettery life???

    Link, try looking in the FAQ section next time.
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    Apps problems

    Try removing and redownloading the app if it is just one. You cannot get BBM on iPhone, you are thinking of the iMessage app which is built into iOS5 and used instead of texts when the recipient of your message has it enabled.
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    Ringtones for sms

    You can by them, there is a link in the same part of the settings menu where you choose which to use. You can also get a number of apps which enable you to download more for free.
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    Car Smart or Advanced Key App

    I doubt this is possible.
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    Mail error with IOS5

    No, but I have found leaving the mail app running can help.
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    It is actually worse than useless for me, because I have unlimited messages and limited data.
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    Anyone play scribblenauts yet?

    Firebreathing potion, winged potion, scaly potion.
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    Task bar

    In general if it can give notifications that means it can use data e.g. facebook receives messages even when off so it has to check for them.
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    Mail error with IOS5

    After updating my iPhone 4 to IOS5 my yahoo mail no longer automatically checks and updates itself even though push is on, any ideas why and how to fix this?
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    Windows 7 & Iphone 4

    Have you tried viewing it in windows explorer and renaming it?