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  1. J

    Restored iPhone 3GS, now says "no SIM inserted" when the SIM is inserted!

    Long story here, so I'll try to be quick. My fiancee is English and has an iPhone 3GS she got from her step-mom. It was on an Orange contract, so is locked to Orange, and my girlfriend has since put in her Orange pay as you go SIM. It worked fine this way. However, I've been bugging her to...
  2. J

    Playlist not syncing to iPhone 4S

    I'm running a Windows 7 laptop, latest version of iTunes on my C: drive, all my music on my external F: drive. I've got an iPhone 4S. All my music works in iTunes off the external drive. I then made a playlist of various songs. I drag my playlist to my iPhone, and iTunes stalls like crazy...
  3. J

    Sturdy iPhone 4S battery case?

    I ended up with a Boost Plus case, and while I love the extra battery, the case itself feels flimsy and cheap. I'm terrified I'll drop my iPhone and it won't protect it, and frankly the iPhone 4 seems a lot less rugged than the 3GS. The case is also bulky. Basically, I'm willing to accept...
  4. J

    Purchasing apps from iPhone without downloading them

    Hey there! I'm a new member. I've had an iPod touch 4G for about a year, and I've now ordered a used iPhone 4S and plan to activate it on Straight Talk. I thought I might need help and advice, especially if I decide to jailbreak it in order to allow MMS (not to do anything shady, though!), so...