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  1. alicepattinson

    TSMC is Said to Account for All Orders for Apple’s next-generation A10 Processor

    Woah I am really excited what's next for iPhone.
  2. alicepattinson

    Ad Blocker?

    Thanks for posting this I do also want to ask about this.
  3. alicepattinson

    Itunes will no longer back up my Iphone

    I just encountered the same problem as your and thanks for posting it. :)
  4. alicepattinson

    Is it worth getting a apple watch ?

    As I see how users of it give feedback about apple watch I think yeah it is worth it. :)
  5. alicepattinson

    iphone 5 wont connect to macbook pro, please hep!!!

    Drivers not installed properly. :(
  6. alicepattinson

    deleting unwanted apps

    If you want to delete a system app you can do it without jailbreaking your device.
  7. alicepattinson

    My 5 won't come off silent!

    Do some cleaning or better reset it to its factory default. :)
  8. alicepattinson

    iphones wifi stops working when audio cable is plugged in

    Is it possible that just audio plug can affect wifi signal try 1st the basic wifi connecting trouble shooting. :)
  9. alicepattinson

    iPhone 5s cracked..

    Try to replace its flex , housing and other internal damaged hardwares. :)
  10. alicepattinson

    Why can't my iPhone 3GS be detected in my computer?

    Maybe drivers are not installed. Or try to connect it to other pc. :)
  11. alicepattinson

    OT: Thoughts about our devices peripherals like selfie sticks and etc.

    Hi everyone, i just want to ask advice if this Minisuit Selfie Stick Battery-Free for Apple & Android Earphone Jack Connector (iPhone 5S and Below) will last long, what are your thoughts with this guys?
  12. alicepattinson

    iPhone 7 Rumor Suggests Dual-lens Camera and Pressure Sensor for Health Apps

    Woah! If this is true, I think it'll be a great upgrade thou. :)
  13. alicepattinson

    Help no sim help pleaseeeee

    Kudos to mr. scifan57. :) He's right try following what he suggest. :)
  14. alicepattinson

    iPhone wont call/text a particular phone number! (PLEASE HELP -DESPERATE)

    Yeah bear7962 is right try to check it. :)
  15. alicepattinson

    volume issue when playing videos

    I think it adjust your volume to your background noise. :)
  16. alicepattinson

    iOS 8 Storage Space Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple

    Yeah I wonder also why they didn't release a detailed changelog when the update was released.
  17. alicepattinson

    Preserving the order of photos that are synchronized to the iPhone

    You should had a backup of it 1st before making any move. :)
  18. alicepattinson

    Has anyone's iPhone 6 plus bend yet?

    I won't do it or try it on my ip 6. :(
  19. alicepattinson

    has anyone else noticed that iPhone charging cable's tend to break near the connecto

    Yeah many of noticed that charger problem and it really feels bad for me. :(
  20. alicepattinson

    Just bought a 4s

    Welcome to the 4s club. :) Enjoy your new iPhone 4s. :D