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    iP5 crashing

    Nearest Apple store is about 80 miles away.
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    iP5 crashing

    Yesterday, right after I pushed the home button, the phone went black and then to the Apple icon. After a while, the icon would fade then return then fade again over and over. When I got home I was able to plug in to my laptop and itunes and do a restore and everything worked fine. Tonight...
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    My iP5 is driving me Whacko!

    My phone is possessed. There's no telling what it will do. Twice in the past few days it has eliminated several apps that I use frequently. Sometimes, after it has been laying on the desk for a while I will pick it up to find that the screen has been zoomed in- something that should take the...
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    Frequent crashes. Forced Restores

    Three times over the past couple of weeks I have found my iP5 dead when I wake up in the morning. The phone had been on the charger all night. Dead as in crashed. Bricked. Not a dead battery. It did it again last night. When I woke up it would not turn on. I held both buttons down about 30...
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    Settings app crashes immediately upon launch

    I am the OP and, No sir, the phone is not jail broken. My iP4 was JB'd but I have found no need to do so with the iP5. I finally solved my problem by putting into DFU and doing a full restore as a new phone. I did a full back up first. I could not do a regular restore because it requires you...
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    Settings app crashes immediately upon launch

    Follow up. I thought I would try a Restore and hopefully get back full function of the phone, including "Settings." I did a backup. When I click "restore from backup" it tells me to turn off "Find my Phone." Well... I CAN'T turn of "Find My Phone" because I can't get into Settings...
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    Settings app crashes immediately upon launch

    I have been into "Settings" a few times this morning but have not reset anything. Suddenly, as soon as I touch the "Settings" icon it flashes to a blank, gray screen, then back to the home page. It does this every time. I have done a hard boot with no change. I have not tried putting it into...
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    The damn thing just died

    I had a similar scare this morning with a more positive result. I updated the IOS just yesterday. No problems. Was reading my e book with the phone last night. Put it to sleep when I was done and set it on the night stand. This morning it would not wake up. After holding the power and...
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    Search function in iOS Map app does not work

    Initial tests seem to prove that out. Thanks!
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    Search function in iOS Map app does not work

    Ever since I upgraded the IOS several months ago (7.0.3) the search function in Maps does not work. I can type in something like "Denver CO" and will get a message saying "No Results Found." Really? This app can't find a major city? Even if I just type in "Denver" and it gives me a drop...
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    Zagg Invisible SHIELD

    I had used the Zagg Invisible Shield on my IP3 and really liked it When I got the iP4 I ordered the OB and new Zaggs. I tried just the OB first but didn't really like the feel of the plastic shield. To me, it was not very sensitive to touch. I installed the Zagg and really did not like the...
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    Additional screen protector w/ otterbox defender

    I've used the Zagg with the OB Defender on my iP4 and iP5. In both cases I removed the plastic OB shield and it works great. I mostly carry my phone on the belt holster so dust and pocket lint, etc, is not a real issue but occasionally I remove the OB case to give the phone a good cleaning...
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    Zagg Invisible SHIELD

    I use Zagg front and back WITH Otterbox Defender, but take out the plastic shield on the otterbox. Works great.
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    Otterbox Defender issue

    I had an Otterbox Defender on my iPhone4 for at least two years with no issues whatsoever. I've had the Defender on my Iphone 5 for a little over a month and the rubber is already wearing through where the holster clips on to the phone. Wearing on both sides. The hard plastic finger that...
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    iPhone 5 tethered to ATT Mifi

    Mmoy, we cannot get broadband out here except for Hughesnet. Been there. Done that. No more. I could just tether my laptop to my iP5 but the Myfi gets a much stronger signal. Plus my wife has an iP4 and can't get 4G so she gets better connection via wireless through the Myfi.
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    iPhone 5 tethered to ATT Mifi

    I an AT&T MiFi Liberator 5792 the same day as I got my new iP5. These two devices plus my bride's iP4 are on the same Family plan. As far as data goes, then, it doesn't make any difference if I use my iPhone tethered to the MiFi via wifi or if the iPhone is receiving data directly. BUT... the...
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    Best Front And Back Screen Protectors Off Of Ebay???

    I know this is an old thread but you received no answers so... The best shield I've ever found is Zagg Invisible shield. Virtually indestructible and allows crystal clear exhibits on your screen. Lifetime warranty, also. I've had a Zagg on all of my phones going back to the iP3. The...
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    What's your best iPhone 5 Case? Mine= iRotate Cases

    Otterbox Defender. I had one on my iP4, also. I apply a Zagg Invisible Shield to the screen and remove the plastic shield in the face of the Otterbox. Works great and you don't the get bad interaction between the Otterbox shield and the face of the phone. It's the best of both worlds.
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    Playing iPhone 5 through car speakers

    Without Bluetooth, Sync, or auxillary jacks the only other way I know of is via a little FM transmitter that plugs into your phone and transmits on an unused FM frequency. It does a pretty fair job if you're not in a big city where it might be hard to find an empty frequency. You can get these...
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    What would you like to see different for the iPhone 5?

    I'd like to be able to turn off the touch tone sounds on the phone keypad WITHOUT having to kill all other sounds. No... killing the keyboard clicks does not do it. I don't want to have to turn the switch off in order to do this. There should be a Settings/Sounds/Touchtone sounds off option.