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    Night time ringer app?? Is there one??

    What I am looking for is an app that I can put the phone on vibrate at night but when certain numbers call or text it comes through just as it is not in vibrate. Basically I want to be able to specify certain numbers that ring even if the phone is in vibrate mode. I am looking for an iPhone...
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    VTok app

    Not sure how popular this app is but it is the replacement I have found to replace the Google Talk app I had on my Android phone. I am able to send and receive messages from others that have an Android. I have buddies with Blackberries and I can send them messages but I never get their response...
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    Hello - new here

    Just joined. On Wednesday I am eligible for a new phone through Verizon. I am going to go with the iPhone 4S, black, 16GB. I will be placing my order either tonight at midnight or first thing in the morning. I currently have a Droid X and previously an original Droid. A couple of things I am...