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    Share your iphone 5 photos here

    Nice flowers you have..reminds me old wallpapers but I really like the picture background.
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    4s flash problem

    I think its camera fitting should go back inform support centers about it.
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    New 5c owner.

    Welcome every body
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    Official IOS 7 thread.

    upgraded it successfully its amazing
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    Weird icon

    I think you are talking about junk named icon... strange never seen a thing
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    iPhone 6 Concept!

    I have heard that new iphone 6 will more slim and large....
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    First time iPhone owner/user! Help!

    I think it is browser issue...definitely..
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    5S battery charges to 98/99 %

    I have tested it on iOS 7 it works well on it...
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    iOS 6 Tips.

    Nice tips, I know few of them but many are new to me ....