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    Iphone 5 Other Data

    Not sure if this is do to Jailbreak. I'm getting low storage message due to Other Data recently increasing to a whopping 12g. Any ideas on a fix before restoring to 7.1 from 7.0.6. Don't want to lose JB though. Thx
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    Battery is shot on Iphone 5

    Will I have any problems getting a new battery at Apple being jail broken?
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    ZodTTD BaD sig error

    Should I remove this source to alleviate error?
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    OpenSSL vs OpenSSH

    I noticed OpenSSL was installed with a tweak. Is it recommended to change root password or only with OpenSSH?
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    Safe mode after installing tweaks in Cydia

    I have tweaks from Willerz's list that I paid for or we're free on Iphone 5 7.0.4. Every time I go to install a new tweak off compatible list springboard crashes , I get the apple screen, and then I'm in safe mode with grey screen. I try to reboot from choices that safe mode offers to no avail...
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    Iphone 5 phone life

    How long typically will it last before it dies? I understand that buttons such as home , ringer , etc may need to be replaced. If I pay full retail I wanna make sure I'll get 3 or 4 yrs out of it before it craps out.
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    Got alert to upgrade this in Cydia.Is it necessary to update and why would I get it as just a user acct?
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    Failed to fetch errors

    Deleted because of errors when loading Cydia. Do I need to reinstall on Iphone 5 6.1.2 or can I leave 4 other default sources only?
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    Ulttasnow repo

    Uninstalled Ultrasn0w rep from default sources due to failed to fetch errors. Do I need to reinstall it on Iphone 5?
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    Will reboots and freezes happen infrequently regardless if all tweaks are compatible with my iOS version? I go into safe mode occasionally and wonder of that's just the inevitable part of jailbreaking.
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    To Many tweaks?

    If I install compatible tweaks for my IOS version how many tweaks will begin to affect performance and battery life? Currently installed, Accelerate Activator Bars Brightness Fix for IOS 6 Bulletin Dietbulletin Dvtrunner Favorite contacts for NC Iblacklist IcaughtuPro Low Power Banner...
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    Video camera shortcut in notification bar

    Anyone know of a tweak?
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    Black keyboard

    Anyone know why a black keyboard shows up when entering password for iTunes instead of the standard grey keyboard for iphone? It only does this for App Store and Midway game app.
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    Clear banners

    Is there a way to delete or clear a banner after it appears without going into app?
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    Icons just showed up

    Had a bunch of icons show up out of the blue on my device ( iTunes, IAD, ddactionserv, Etc. any idea what this is? Installed Xcon beta tweak last. Not sure if that caused it. Rebooted and icons disappeared.
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    Updating IOS Firmware

    Using iTunes to restore and update Jailbroken i5 from 6.1 to 6.1.2. If I after updating and re-jailbreaking I want to start off from scratch to avoid bugs should I not restore from backup? Or is it not neccessary and just restore from backup as I was having no issues with 6.1 prior to update?
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    Bridge app

    If I import a ringtone with Bridge how do I find it and delete it from phone?
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    Repository LEImobile

    Not very familiar with repos other than default Cydia repos. Anyone have any experience with these folks as they have a fix I would like to install. Thx
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    Protube 2

    Purchased Protube 2. How do I watch in landscape with iphone 5?