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  1. coolemerald

    iPhone songs to MP3 player?

    I'd like to get an MP3 player to free up space on my phone. My question is I don't want to get an iPod bc they're a bit pricey. Can I get my songs bought from iTunes onto a different MP3 player other than the iPod. And if so, how do I go about it? Thank you.
  2. coolemerald

    Passcode lock

    Ok, so I did the upgrade last night & there is now a passcode to get into the phone. I want to get rid of that. I found it in settings but I don't see any way to turn it off. Very annoying.
  3. coolemerald

    Weird message keeps popping up on screen

    My phone keeps randomly flashing a message on the screen that says "wrong password for voicemail." I hit "cancel" and it goes away but why is it doing that? I'm not dealing with my VM at all to begin with, and I also don't have a password for my VM. I haven't changed any settings or done...
  4. coolemerald

    Adding Fields in Contacts

    I have a few contacts where I want to add their work #'s, but there is no other field within that contact to add another number. Anyone know how I can get that?
  5. coolemerald

    Reorganizing settings

    Is there any way to reorganize, move around, or delete the items under "settings?" For example, Twitter is on there and I don't use it so I'd like to delete it. Messages are further down the list, I'd like to move that up to the top. Any way to do this?
  6. coolemerald

    Speaker phone problem

    Hi, I've had my 4S for two months or so. It's not jail broken or anything. I often put it on speaker when I'm talking on the phone. That's a must-have for me. So all of a sudden now when I'm talking on speaker mode it'll be fine for a minute or two & then it'll make like a static sound & the...
  7. coolemerald

    Couple newbie questions

    Couple things: first, when I go into Safari, the bookmark page comes up first. I don't like that, I'd rather get a blank page & go to my bookmarks if & when I need to. Second, is there any place in my phone where I can find the info about my phone like the OS, how much memory I have left...
  8. coolemerald


    I just got Weatherbug on my new 4S. I had it on my BB for a couple of years, and the icon on the home screen would have the temperature, or a little picture of the current weather, or whatever, you could choose how you wanted it to appear on your screen. So on my iPhone, it only has the...
  9. coolemerald

    How do I get an extra window on home screen

    Last night I was browsing around on my iPhone 4S when one of the windows got stuck in a loop of some sort, I couldn't delete it or anything. So I did the little trick where you turn it off while holding down the home button. It fixed the problem, I went to sleep. this morning I get up and one...
  10. coolemerald

    Brand new

    Hi everyone, I just joined today. In a few weeks I will finally be eligible for an upgrade, so I am making the plunge from Blackberry to iPhone. Shhh, don't tell anyone on the BB forums, haha! I have no issues, really, with the BB, I'm just bored with it. It's the only smartphone I've ever...