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    Change clock color on lock screen

    What tweak can change the color on the lock screen clock? I've tried searching it and the ones I found are not compatible with 8.4 Thank you
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    Can't hear phone calls

    ** Update. Never mind. Even though the speaker looked very clean I took a slightly moistened tooth pick and gently cleaned the speaker. I'm guessing it might have been hairspray in the speaker. It worked after that. today for some reason I can hardly hear the calls I'm making, meaning the...
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    iPhone 5s can't silence ringing/text by power button

    Since the 8.1 update I can no longer silence an incoming call or text by hitting the power or volume buttons. Hard reset fixes it for a day or so. I'm now running 8.4 and still have this issue. Anyone else with this issue?
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    Can you theme icons the author didn't theme?

    Does anyone know how to theme icons the author of The theme didn't theme? The author is too busy to take requests right now so I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to do it myself. Thanks for any help
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    Obvious theme??

    ** Solved** If anyone is interested in this theme it's spelled with a "zero" not an "o" 0bvious theme by macciti Should have been 0bvious i just purchased this theme, i found it on the Cydia home page under themes, however when I type obvious in the search bar nothing comes up I thought the...
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    "Other" storage is at 48g???

    This happened over night I'm on iOS 8.1 and ideas other than restoring ? Thank you
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    Keyboard shorts cuts getting deleted?

    i keep setting up keyboard shortcuts only to have them disappear a few days later. Anyone else having this problem ?
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    Xcon beta 40

    Has anyone tried the xcon beta 40 fix 2? I tried beta 40 a few weeks back but it caused issues with some apps so I deleted it. Was wondering if anyone has it installed?
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    Case and apple pay ?

    Does anyone know if apple pay will work through cases? I wonder if apple pay will be safer than sliding your credit cards?
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    8.1 update ?

    How long did it take for you to do the update? Just started mine and it say 23 hours???
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    iPhone 6+ problem

    They only problem I've come across with my new phone is my right thumb going numb when on a long phone conversation. Lol I can live with a numb thumb!
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    Can't sync phone?

    Everytime I plug my iphone into sync it automatically goes to the scree "welcome to your new phone" set up as new or restore. I've already set up my phone and synced it before what is going on? I tried restarting my pc even went ahead and restored from my last back up, but still can't get passed...
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    New position of power button...

    Love my phone, however not really liking the power button on the side. Taking screen shots is a pain and I'm always Turing up or down the volume. Would prefer it being back on top.
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    Safari landscape mode?

    for some reason today when I put my phone in landscape mode in safari I can't get rid of the bookmark on the left side- it was working fine yesterday not sure if I some how enabled something? Did a hard reset twice and it still won't fix itself?
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    Walmart& iPhone 6

    walmart has a good deal going on right now. You can trade in an old iphone 4 and 4s included for an iPhone 6. I just did this with my sons 4s his was in almost mint condition. Walmart sells the iPhone 6 for $179 they gave him $190. I ended up having to pay $4(taxes) he's pretty thrilled to have...
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    Stock apps....

    I hate having my phone cluttered with apps I don't use, I have a whole folder filled newsstand, compass,weather,calendar,maps and now podcasts and why oh why would this even be an app. I guess I don't have a question just complaining...
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    Can't get imessage to activate on JB 3gs

    I have tried everything to get iMessage to activate yet it sits at " waiting to activate" I really don't want to loose my JB and restore-does anyone have any ideas? it's running 6.1. Thank you
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    3GS message failure?

    I have an iPhone 3GS jailbroken lates firmware. I can send iMessages just fine but I cannot send SMS. This just started this afternoon. I've tried respring several times with no luck. Any ideas?