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  1. geno368

    Cannot sync contacts to iphone 5s

    I have gone to icloud and copied the data file in vcf format and then saved it is excel format but cannot figure out how to get them into my iphone. I did a restore from the cloud last week but only got about half of them. Please help...Thanks
  2. geno368

    Purchased items not transfered to library

    I was prompted to do the iphone update on my 5s but it gave me the message "Purchased items not transfered to library" how do I fix this? Thanks
  3. geno368

    After restoring iphone 5s backup, I have several duplicate contacts

    I had to reformat my pc and then re-install itunes and ended up with duplicate contacts after restoring my iphone from a backup. I would like to remove the backup because the file is not current either. I need help to retrieve my current outlook contacts. I don't even know where the contact...
  4. geno368

    I phone 5S not showing in itunes

    I just installed a new ssd in my desktop running Win 10. Before I did the format, my Ipad shows in Itunes but not my Iphone. Now it tells me I need to re-install Itunes..When I try, I get this error "Error 7 (windows error 193)" It will not install...Any help appreciated...
  5. geno368

    Itunes does not open automatically when connecting to my pc-iphone 5s

    I have the setting selected in itunes to open and sync when I used to work fine. When I manually open itunes, it does recognize my phone and syncs and backs up
  6. geno368

    Iphone 5S will not give message notification

    All of a sudden my iphone 5s will not give me the audio notification or vibrate on messages. I have checked all the settings as well as boot the system...Anyone got a clue? Thanks
  7. geno368

    Need highest rated ruler app for my 5s

    Can anyone suggest a good ruler app for my 5s? Thanks
  8. geno368

    Office Outlook 2010 not updating to my ihone 5s

    When I add a contact or edit one in Outlook, it saves on my pc but it is not syncing to my iphone. It used to work just fine. What am I to try? Thanks
  9. geno368

    Cannot install a ringtone in itunes to my 5s

    I bought a ringtone a couple of years ago for my 4s and it worked great. I bought a 5s and installed all my apps, etc, but the ringtone is not installed. It shows the file under "tones" in iTunes. I tried to sync but nothing happens. Any help will be appreciated..
  10. geno368

    iphone 5s not picking up a ringtone my 4s had

    I find the ringtone I bought in itunes but I can't get it to sync to my 5s....
  11. geno368

    cannot text android phones when imessage is turned on

    When I turn imessage on I cannot text 2 friends who have Android phones. They never receive the messages. I have a iphone 5s. Can anyone help? Thanks
  12. geno368

    audio alerts for messages does not work

    I have a 4S that used to use the Timba alert when I get a message. Al of a sudden I got a very short audio of it one time and all the rest is a vibrate. Now I only get the vibrate. I have de-selected the settings and re-selected the alert settings and have also re-booted the phone. I...
  13. geno368

    When doing a remindSiri is not asking for when do you want to be reminded in the ios7

    On my 4s when I wanted Siri to make a reminder she would ask "when do you want to be reminded"? she is not doing that now after the update...Thanks
  14. geno368

    I need an app for my 4s to import excell spreadsheets

    I am a newbi on the Iphone and have been trying to use 4sync to put my updated spreadsheets to my phone. I am having trouble getting it to sync and their support doesn't respond to support. Can anyone tell me what to use as a free program for this? Thanks in advance.
  15. geno368

    Iphone 4s not displaying contacts in the desired display in outlook

    My Iphone 4s is not displaying contacts in the desired display in outlook. Several of my contacts do not list the last name first like I have it setup in Outlook. What to do???Thanks
  16. geno368

    Cannot start "Apple Mobile Device" service on Win 7 system

    I bought a rebuilt PC running Windows 7 Prem. I tried to install Itunes on it and I get an error (14001) "application failed to start because side-by-side conf. is incorrect". I also cannot start "Apple Mobile Device" service. It states for me to verify that I have sufficient privileges to...
  17. geno368

    How can I record part of a phone conversation?

    There are many times while talking on the phone, info is given me(ex Phone number) which I need to record for future use...How do I do that? Thanks
  18. geno368

    Why can't Siri take any commands right now?

    I am a new 4s user and several times when I access siri, she hesitates and then says "I am sorry about this, but I can't take any....." What is up with this? Thanks in advance..
  19. geno368

    How do I import an mp3 ringtone from my pc to a contact on my 4s?

    How do I import an mp3 ringtone from my pc to a contact on my 4s? Thanks
  20. geno368

    Importing Outlook contacts into new 4S creating many duplicates

    I just bought a 4S and at the Verizon store they imported my contacts from my HTC Droid Eris. It took almost an hour and showed 700 contacts which I know is way too many. I did have some Google contacts as well. I started looking in my new contact list and found a bunch of them in the list 5...