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  1. cadman99

    Pairing Samsung gear S3 frontier to iPhone x

    Hello and good afternoon. I would like the assistance of some of the experts out there in trying to pair a gear s3 frontier watch to my X. I downloaded the app, see the phone and connect, however the app freezes on the phone and will not allow me to accept terms on the required page. No radio...
  2. cadman99

    Battery monitoring / mainenance app question

    Hello and good morning. Has anyone yet installed a battery monitoring / maintenance app that they like with iOS11.2?
  3. cadman99

    IOS9.1 messaging

    Hello and good morning. I have a strange messaging question to ask. When sending a message thru the native ios message app, the original message sends out fine, however the message is also sent back to the originating iphone in the form of an additional message. Is there a setting that I can...
  4. cadman99

    Most anticipated new feature

    What new or improved feature are you most looking forward to on the 6s phones?
  5. cadman99

    AutoCAD WS opinions

    Hello all, Just got the ipone 4 and would like user opinions on the WS app. I have 30+ years using autocad, so I am familiar with it, but the mobile appa may be a helpfull tool if it works as advertised.... Thanks, Mark