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  1. thewitt

    Charging iPhone with iPad charger?

    Apple actually says this on their website...
  2. thewitt

    Charging iPhone with iPad charger?

    The iPad charger will NOT hurt your iPhone
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    Tim Cook Publicly Announces That he is "Proud to be Gay"

    Yawn. Who cares. Really. Get over it.
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    Security Firm Reveals New iOS Keystroke Flaw

    I don't believe they can install a keystroke logger around the iTunes Store on a stock device and break the barrier between apps. Sorry. The blog post has been conveniently removed so my guys cannot attempt the hack, but the walls between apps are very secure on a stock iOS device. Jail broken...
  5. thewitt

    No larger screens this year

    And what makes you think competitive means a phone too big to carry in your pocket?
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    How much does messaging privacy matter??

    SMS is not secure. The carrier has a full copy of your messages. I've seen cases where employees have been able to turn over entire months worth of messages to one case leading to divorce.
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    Apple ID Different from iCloud ID

    Apple ID is the generic name but most often the ID used in the App Store. iCloud ID is used by iMessage and for other iCloud storage reasons. They can be the same or different. If you want different people or devices to have different contact sharing, note sharing, iMessages, etc then you will...
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    Viber and Whatsapp use your data plan. You will be charged for data.
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    DOJ files criminal charges against mobile app pirates

    It's about frickin time. Piracy costs us tens of thousands a year in additional support costs which we pass along to our paying customers. This might also bring us back to the Android market, where only 1 in 20 copies of our apps has been purchased...
  10. thewitt

    WSJ: Apple to Release 2 iPhone Models with Bigger Displays; Will Ditch the Plastic Ca

    I don't agree that larger phones from Apple are inevitable at all. Rumors are just that, and many of these are just recirculated from the guys who got it wrong last time. I think a smaller iPad could easily happen, but I don't see Apple making a phone that doesn't fit front jeans pockets.
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    WSJ: Apple to Release 2 iPhone Models with Bigger Displays; Will Ditch the Plastic Ca

    These will be the worst selling iPhones ever. This is NOT what most customers want.
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    iPhone Launch for China Mobile Goes Well Despite Low Subsidy Rates

    Subsidies will not be required to sell tens of millions of phones in China. There are some real class stratifications over here, and I've never seen more luxury cars in any city in the world than what fill the streets here.
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    File sharing options?

    Mail or Message... No direct file sharing options between Android and iPhone at this time, and unless Android gets Air Drop support, it will likely always require an app be installed.
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    Intel CEO admits they refused Apple's offer to make first iPhone's processor

    This is what happens when bean counters run major tech companies and not innovators.
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    Iphone charged melted?

    Very unusual patterns of damage there.
  16. thewitt

    Charging iPhone with iPad charger?

    It will not harm your phone. Apple sells only one charger not bundled with a device and its the iPad charger. The website lists its for all iOS devices.
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    Facebook app help please

    You can certainly try this, but if the setting is off, FB will ask for access. It sounds more like the app preferences are corrupt.
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    Facebook app help please

    Delete the Facebook app and install it again. It sounds like it doesn't have access to your photos, but it's not asking you for access either.
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    Charging iPhone with iPad charger?

    Yes, the iPad charger provides a faster charge than the iPhone charger, however the phone is simply drawing more power, the charger is not pushing it. The phone will take what it needs. Apple has designed their iOS devices to be fairly tolerant of a wide range of power sources as they know...
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    Wall Charger