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  1. jimt29

    iPhone Cases

    Based on my purchasing a 6s case and trying to put a 7 in it, I can say it doesn't fit. The iPhone size is fine but the placement of the camera throws off the fit. Anyway more and more iPhone 7 cases are coming.
  2. jimt29

    iPhone 5 Becoming Unreliable

    Brilliant! Love that reply. Made me laugh.
  3. jimt29

    iPhone 5 Becoming Unreliable

    I have had a jail broken iPhone for as long as I have had iPhones (iPhone 3). I was just about ready to get a new one because the iPhone 5 had been acting odd. From rebooting itself to the WIFI not working unless I restarted it. Then it was iffy at best. So instead of just buying a new phone...
  4. jimt29

    iPad Air - Latest Update Of Springtomize Lost Some Of It's Functionality

    This seems the best forum to discus a jailbreak app issue but this is for an iPad Air. The most recent update of Springtomize broke its functionality on my iPad Air using IOS 8.4. I didn't update to 9.XX because Springtomize wasn't available for that version of IOS and when Springtomize became...
  5. jimt29

    Are There Any Hackers That Could Write An App For Android Wear?

    If you purchase a watch with the Android Wear Operating system you have a completely different experience using the watch with an android phone vs using an iPhone. It would be great if there was an app that worked with Android Wear so you could take advantage of all the watch faces available...
  6. jimt29

    Post your lock screens!

    It is called HTC Animated Weather!! ;>)
  7. jimt29

    Post your lock screens!

    My favorite since first jailbreak.
  8. jimt29

    HTC Animated Weather Is Back

    Its been over a month now and this new tweak is everything the old one wasn't. It was easy to set up and it just works great. This is one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks.
  9. jimt29

    iPhone (5) and The New Android Wear

    I just purchased the Huawei Watch to be used with Android Wear and the iPhone. I hope I don't get beat up over this but I really enjoy wearing traditional watches and this watch is extremely attractive and easy to use. So far I can attest to it pairing on the first try right out of the box and...
  10. jimt29

    New to iPhone jailbreaking questions

    If you update IOS to a newer version that is jail breakable; Jailbreak then re-install the previously installed apps or tweaks. Any customizations that you did to the apps/tweaks will all be there. So while you do have to re-install them you don't have to make any adjustments to your particular...
  11. jimt29

    iPhone Yes - iPad No

    I just tried it again and it failed again but this time I tried it again right away and it succeeded!! TaiG 2.3.0 worked. The latest version after 5 tries did not work. Right now Cydia is setting up the file system and rebooting.
  12. jimt29

    iPhone Yes - iPad No

    No problem jailbreaking the iPhone 5 but failed with the iPad Air. Using Windows 10 PC And TaiG. Failed 3 times Anybody have ideas that might make the jailbreak work?
  13. jimt29

    Lower Lock Screen Notifications

    Me thinks I found the perfect little app. I tested it with texts and phone calls and it places the notifications exactly where I want them. So...................Never mind ;>)
  14. jimt29

    Lower Lock Screen Notifications

    Does anyone know of a tweak that will allow me to lower the phone and text notifications that appear on the lock screen? I've tried searching but if there is something out there I don't know what it is called. Please help, Thanks.
  15. jimt29

    Shut Off The Phone - A Click?

    The "click" is back. Go figure.
  16. jimt29

    If only we had Gridlock.....sigh

    iBlank will give you blank icons that you can position where every you want a blank space. Not as elegant a solution as Gridlock but it will work in IOS 8.4.
  17. jimt29

    Control Panel Tweak for iOS 8.4 Cydia?

    CCSettings works with IOS 8.4.
  18. jimt29

    HTC Animated Weather Is Back

    In January 2014 I wrote about missing HTC Animated Weather. Well it's back and with a slightly new name: Search in Cydia for HTC Animated SBHTML and it's a whole new ball game. IOS 8.4 compatible. This time around it is much simpler to install and so far seems to work better than ever. If...
  19. jimt29

    Qi Wireless Charging For The iPhone

    Thank you. I couldn't find the original post. There are so many different forums and different issues that often I don't really know which is the most appropriate forum to post to. Sometimes I read a post and can't even find it the next time I look for it. Not sure how it fragments anything...
  20. jimt29

    Qi Wireless Charging For The iPhone

    I recently purchased a Qi Wireless charging system for my iPhone. You need the .5 mm credit card size adapter that fits between the case and the phone and you need the charging base. I can't say much about the adapter except to say it works fine but is hidden so you never really see it. The...