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  1. cadman99

    Pairing Samsung gear S3 frontier to iPhone x

    Hello and good afternoon. I would like the assistance of some of the experts out there in trying to pair a gear s3 frontier watch to my X. I downloaded the app, see the phone and connect, however the app freezes on the phone and will not allow me to accept terms on the required page. No radio...
  2. cadman99

    Photos taken with the iPhone X

    A test photo of a visitor to our front yard. Taken with 10x zoom, first time using the high zoom value. Still quite good detail, as the spider is smaller than a quarter.
  3. cadman99

    Battery monitoring / mainenance app question

    Hello and good morning. Has anyone yet installed a battery monitoring / maintenance app that they like with iOS11.2?
  4. cadman99

    Battery meter

    Thank you for the tip-I really missed the battery percentage....
  5. cadman99

    iPhone X Tips and Tricks Thread

    Hello and good morning to all. Just ordered the iphone X and will receive it next week. I have two questions on this subject. I wear glasses and would like to know if the face id is set up with them, will there be an issue if I do not wear them? Also, I wear a baseball cap often, should I set up...
  6. cadman99

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Is there any feedback yet on 10.0.3 update installations?
  7. cadman99

    protection for iPhone 7

    I am going with the apple battery case. The smart aspect of it intrigues me enough to try it. With the desk stand charging base it should work quite well...
  8. cadman99

    protection for iPhone 7

    I am looking into the Apple battery case, as I would like a battery reserve. Are there any issues that I will be getting into with this?
  9. cadman99

    Have you pre-ordered iPhone 7 today? Tell us about it.

    I went through Verizon, got the phone paid for with turn in of 6S. I got more on a trade in than I owed, and monthly bill is cheaper. Now the waiting begins...
  10. cadman99

    IOS9.1 messaging

    I found out that the two phones being under my Apple ID will share the messages. I need to remove the one phone from my apple id I believe to end the forwarding.
  11. cadman99

    IOS9.1 messaging

    Hello and good morning. I have a strange messaging question to ask. When sending a message thru the native ios message app, the original message sends out fine, however the message is also sent back to the originating iphone in the form of an additional message. Is there a setting that I can...
  12. cadman99

    Strange Chinese app appeared in tasks but no icons...

    could have been brought in with something you recently downloaded. What apps have you added to the device?
  13. cadman99

    iPhone 6s Water Protection Confirmed

    When someone takes their 6S scuba diving and it fails we will know about it. Then they will have to make a federal case out of it like the bendgate.
  14. cadman99

    Fed Ex Delivery of 6 s

    Got my tracking number Saturday, to be delivered Friday. Will pick up the phone after work.
  15. cadman99

    Have you updated to IOS 9?

    I updated phone and ipad last night. Took some time, but went well, download time seems reasonable for a full new OS......
  16. cadman99

    Most anticipated new feature

    I am curious about how well the live photos is going to interface with photo editing software. Hopefully apple has got this worked out already.
  17. cadman99

    Most anticipated new feature

    What new or improved feature are you most looking forward to on the 6s phones?
  18. cadman99

    Who's getting the iPhone 6S?

    With the carrier rebates being more than I paid for the phone initially, I see it as a winning deal. The updates to the product are helpful too.
  19. cadman99

    Who's getting the iPhone 6S?

    The minor increase in thickness is negligible. The case manufacturer would be the one to contact though.
  20. cadman99

    Pre-Ordering iPhone 6S

    Had my deposit with Verizon last Friday. Preorders are being done today...Now it just comes down to the ship schedule for them....