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    Battery Life

    Same as above. 8+ hours of usage, 24+ hours of standby
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    iTunes Store

    Close the app by double tapping the home button and swipe up. Then open the music app and click "store" up top and all should be fine.
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    Upgrade not applied

    Ive been waiting 2 1/2 months to see what transpires but I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen. July 9th I got an upgrade for one of my lines through phone sales. There was a screw up and they put my order on backorder so I cancelled it. The next day the phone arrived anyways and we...
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    iPhone 5 touchscreen issue

    If the phones under a year old take it to an apple store. If you have a screen protector on that could be the case. When i had a zagg on I had the same issue.
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    iPhone 5S Screen Protector

    Moshi ivisor xt is really good. It can be washed and reused over and over. At&t stores sell them for $25
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    Are iPhone 4s and 5 now obsolete?

    My 5 will easily last me till the 6
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    My itunes store app wont open now that ive upgraded to ios7

    My daughter had this. Close out the itunes store app, go to your music app and click on the "store" button up top. That fixed hers and hasnt happened again in over a week.
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    Should I Upgrade to IOS 7

    Turn off the background app refresh, some of the system location services you dont need and airdrop until you need it. Those made a HUGE difference for me. Now i get better battery than any os since 5.0. Also ive read alot that the newest facebook update is a huge battery hog.
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    What do you think of the iPhone 5S?

    The 5 has 5ghz wifi as well, thats all i use at home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Iphone 5 battery life dismal

    Theres alot of variables when measuring battery life. Signal strength, apps being used, location services and other settings. All in all though 6 hours seems to be the average.
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    iPhone 5 (6.1.4) I'm using System Process app and its showing JB processes running.

    The old phone that was on net 10 wouldnt affect your verizon bill at all. That phone couldnt be used on verizon since its a gsm model. You need to put your phone in dfu mode and restore it. Put a fresh copy of 6.1.4 and any and all "sketchy" software will be removed. I may have missed it but...
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    Screen Borders Flickering after iOS 7 downgrade

    It should be under mfg warranty, go to the apple store.
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    When is sprint LTE really going to be up and running

    What speeds are you getting? Im debating converting our business lines to at&t from sprint but if lte is comparable to my at&t line I may just leave it alone.
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    iPhone 5 case

    I bought a griffin survivor which was too bulky. Ended up with a rocketfish clear tpu case and moshi ivisor xt. Keeps the phone safe from drops and scratches without adding any bulk. Nice and sleek like it was designed to be.
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    xbox one or ps4?

    Neither, PC all the way. But if I had to choose Id go PS4. Xbox so far has dropped the ball on X1 with all the service changes.
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    Post Your Speed Test Results Here.

    Top is LTE, bottom 3G At&t
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    Need upgrade opinion

    Well I sold my 4s for $350 so Im gonna go ahead and grab the 5 tonight. Plus the wife offered me her upgrade in september and she'll take my 5. The 4s has been the best phone Ive had so Im hoping the 5 will be the same. Sucks I lose jailbreak though.
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    Need upgrade opinion

    Common question but need some advice from i5 users. For the first time in a decade Ive kept my phone upgrade eligibility came up. ive got a 32gb 4s that I love but Im strongly considering a 5. I know the 5s is rumored to be out soon which Im betting is October, and I know its expected...
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    Ios 6.1 compatible apps and tweaks.

    If you ever get in a loop again just hold power and home to restart and when the apple logo appears hold the volume up button. This puts you in safe mode disabling tweaks allowing you to remove whatever caused the problem.
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    Music sharing

    Extract em to the pc that the stock phone syncs with, add them to itunes and sync them to the stock phone. Not that difficult