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    Roll back to a previous version of an APP

    Hi I have a iphone 5s jailbroken on 8.3, I installed the Natwest app some months ago. The app supported Touch ID so I could login using fingerprint. this was with the phone jailbroken. however I updated the app from the App store and now I cannot use the touch ID, it was only then that I saw...
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    Iphone 5s Enters safe mode on 7.1.2 Jailbroken

    I have the iphone 5s jailbroken on 7.1.2. the problem I have is when I open a folden on my homescreen as soon as I touch an app the phone reboots in safe mode. this also happens if I don't touch an app and just press the home button to exit out of the folder. this never happened on 7.0.5 I have...
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    Camera Roll

    Hi I have the 4s on IOS 7. I ahve photos in the Camera Roll, i have the same photos in various albums. Is there a way to delete a photo in the camera roll but still have it remain in the Album. When i try deleting a photo from the camera roll it says that it will be deleted from any album it is...
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    WhatsApp Messenger

    Hi I have a Jailbroken 4s. DOes anyone know if it is possible to send multiple photos in one go on the Whats App messenger or select an albumn and send the album itself. Is there a Cydia tweak for this.
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    Photos / Whats App

    Hi I have a question, hopefully someone has the answer. When im using Whats App messenger and i decide to send a photo, its quite straight forward, you just tap the icon on the lower left and the select "Choose Existing" and then select the photo you want to send. The question i have is if i...
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    Hi I have been using Applocker on IOS 5.1.1 on the 4S. I only have aout 2 app that are locked. I went into settings > Applocker and then Applications to add another app to be lockked, but all that happens is the screen flashes quickley and that it goes back to my homescreen. So basically i...
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    Iphone 4S Batter Icon

    Hi Does anyone know of a cydia tweak that cna do this. The battery icon on the homescreen at the top right of the screen, shows the percentage remaining. What i want to have is instead of it showing the percentage remaining, i would like it to show the hrs Remaining inside the icon...
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    App Store Badges

    Just tried it, does exactly what i wanted. Thanks for that
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    App Store Badges

    Thanks for that. I'll give it a try.
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    App Store Badges

    Hi I have the 4S and wanted to know if anyone knows of any tweak that will remove the App Store Update badges. Metadata remover doesn't seem to remove all the updates, also Badge Remover, and NoAppStoreBadges does not quite seem to do what i want. These tweaks seem to remove the badges but if...
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    DashboardX Setting Help

    Thanks for that. Just what i was looking for.
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    DashboardX Setting Help

    Hi I have installed Dashboardx. How can i move my apps to another page so the Dashboard widget does not overlap the apps. YOu can see on hte image attached that the DashboardX widget SBSettings is overlapping an app "Fedex Mobile". Is there a setting that im missing?
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    Cydia 3G Data Tweek

    Hi I have a 4s, and was wondering if anyone know if there is a certain tweak out they from cydia. What im looking for is. When i have wifi enabled and 3G and Data disabled, if i walk outside and lose the wireless connection, as soon as i open Safari or email. I get this message that says...
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    Itunes - Iphone Syncing Folders

    Hi I have a Iphone 4s. I previously had the 4. On my Itunes on my PC all my apps are there. The apps are not in folders like they used to be on my actual Iphone. How can i put them into folders on Itunes on my PC and then sync those folders to the iphone so that i dont have to spend ages...
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    Iphone 4s 5.1 jailbreak

    Hi I just bought an Iphone 4s it is on F/W 5.1. I understand i can downgrade the F/W to 5.0.1 which will then allow me to jailbreak, but i need SHSH blobs. Can i download these SHSH blobs fromthe internet?
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    Iphone 4s jailbreak help

    Hi I just bought an Iphone 4s it is on F/W 5.1. I understand i can downgrade the F/W to 5.0.1 which will then allow me to jailbreak, but i need SHSH blobs. Can i download these SHSH blobs fromthe internet?
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    Iphone IOS 5.0

    Hi Does anyone know where the release for unteathered jailbreak for IOS 5.0 is out?
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    Cydia Apps

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    Cydia Apps

    Hi, Does anyone know the name of the app in the video below. It is at the end of the video when the guy scrolls across the pages nad each page scrolls in a random way.