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    IPhone Resets Communication from Server

    I have a simple html page to open an mp4 (h.264) file. When I open the html page on my IPhone, the video file will not download. I use Wireshark to see the http/tcp requests between the IPhone and the server. I see the IPhone request the mp4 and then I see the server send a "200 OK"...
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    Create File Server on IPhone

    Hello, I'm talking about a file server that is to be used only locally on the IPhone. Here's the story. We currently have a proprietary file server written in C++ that runs on Windows. This server simply logs people on, presents a course and then based on learner actions, presents...
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    I be new

    Hello, I'm Dana Baillie. I have an IPhone and an IPad. I also have a Nexus 5. I joined because I have a couple of specific questions, but I see that there are lots of interesting topics here that my well pull me in for a look see. It looks promising. Thanks, Dana Baillie