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    iPhone4 Luminosity Case

    and when wanna take it is a hassle and it kinda does scratc the phone on side
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    iPhone4 Luminosity Case

    Guys Ill tell u do not buy. U see how the flash does not have a lot of room. When u take pictures u will get a horrible picture when using flash. Until they make flash opening bigger i will not buy another one.
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    if u scroll down on the app before u hit install it says does not work for iOS 4.0
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    16 or 32 gb?

    go with 32 if ur dont have an ipod touch.
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    If ur having problems like everyone else is just go to settings->general-> reset-> reset network settings. after ur iphone reboots connect to ur WIFI and open safari. Go to JAILBREAKME.COM and it should work
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    Put in iphone safari and just slide to jailbreak! Easiest ever
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    Free Apple iPhone 4 Full Body Protection pay shipping

    Ok ok i guess ill test it out before i put back my zagg shield on
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    Is zagg screen Protector worth it ? + Review

    well i but the full body shield. i had it on there for a good 3 weeks and i just didnt like it. dont get me wrong, it does a fantastic job of keeping the phone safe but it changes how the phone feels which i didnt like. it is sort of a jelly type of texture. ummm and yes leaving it in the sun or...
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    HELP PLEASE - itouch 2g doesn't jailbreak on iOS4

    U might have a ipod touch thats serial number begins with MC. which means it is newer and the a jailbreak for these type does not exist yet.
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    Camera Test - Droid X vs iPhone 4

    i think u should of taken pictures at same angle and not moving the objects. That would be only way to really compare
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    Just ordered me a bumper. I know many dont like it but its just what i need.
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    AT&T on Tuesday

    i picked mine up yesterday. Had to go twice to ATT, once at 830 but sold out then once at 11 sharp just in time for second shipment and took the second to last one they had. The guy ATT rep was telling me only way for people to actually know if ATT stores got iphone is to actually go to them...