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  1. tibadoe

    Reset and Erase

    Can't seem to find what I need to do. I would like to reset my iPhone 6 plus back to factory. I'm running iOS 12.4 currently. I thought I read somewhere I need to turn off the Find My iPhone before I reset - but I don't really remember. Do I need to or not? Any other things I need to do...
  2. tibadoe

    iOS 10.3 Out Now With Reports of Lengthy Installation Times Due to New File System

    Downloaded and installed on phone - about 30 min. No problems.
  3. tibadoe

    iOS 10.0.2 is available

    Downloaded and installed - no problems.
  4. tibadoe

    Apple Releases iOS 9.3 to the Public

    Just updated first phone! Didn't take long.
  5. tibadoe

    Super Bowl 50

    I thought it was a well fought out game. The defense of both teams were incredible.
  6. tibadoe

    Iphone4s update to ios9.2.1

    Yes - one was 8g and the other were 16g.
  7. tibadoe

    Iphone4s update to ios9.2.1

    I upgraded both of my 4s phones to 9.2.1 - no problems yet.
  8. tibadoe

    Email Setup Help

    I have my regular email setup and it works fine on the 6 plus. As of now, what ever I do on my phone syncs with the email server - like deleting email on phone it deletes it from server or move to folder it moves email to folder on server. I would rather have it not sync with the server. I...
  9. tibadoe

    Listen volume on a 4s

    Make sure that all settings are the same on each phone. Go to Settings, scroll down to Music, under playback check that EQ, Volume Limit, and Sound Check and set the same on both phones.
  10. tibadoe

    App Store updates

    Cancel that..............I got it resolved.
  11. tibadoe

    App Store updates

    Updated to 9.1 this morning and all was OK. Now the App Store app is showing 2 updates. When I click on it, it shows 1 update under updates. Click updates and there are no new updates to be downloaded. I restarted phone and reset phone with no results. Any ideas?
  12. tibadoe

    The version 9.02 is fine?

    Updated all our phones and I-pads - no problems.
  13. tibadoe

    Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 With Tons of Bug Fixes

    Updating now......
  14. tibadoe

    Have you updated to IOS 9?

    Installed 9.0 on wife's 4s. Download and install OTA took about 1.5 hours. No errors.
  15. tibadoe

    Have you updated to IOS 9?

    Finished updating both iPads OTA. Each finished in under 1 hour without any problems.
  16. tibadoe

    Have you updated to IOS 9?

    Downloaded and installing through iTunes as I type. So far so good. Will report back when complete. Update: Installation on 6 plus complete without any problems. 45 minutes total from start to finish.
  17. tibadoe

    Would you buy your car from Apple?

    I don't know.....would need lots more information. Would it be shaped like a "Apple" o_O
  18. tibadoe

    Some Users Experiencing Error During iOS 9 Update

    Think I will wait a day or so.
  19. tibadoe

    Who's getting the iPhone 6S?

    No. 6 plus is doing just fine!
  20. tibadoe

    I upgrade today!

    Well it has been just over a week and I have to say I love the 6 Plus. What a big jump up from the 4s. Don't get me wrong I liked the 4s and it has been a great phone over the years. If you are like me and wait two to three years before upgrading - you pretty much get left behind on the...