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  1. rdub

    Updating to ios7

    What steps would I have to take to update to ios7? I'm currently jailbroken on 5.1.1 with no backup other than iCloud. Sent from my iPhone using
  2. rdub

    Time not updating

    Can anyone tell my why the time on my lock screen isn't updating? Sent from my iPhone using
  3. rdub

    Facebook profile pics as contact pics

    I'm looking for a good app that will take my friends Facebook profile pics and make them my contact pictures on my phone, I've tried a few and not impressed just wondering what other people are using. Sent from my iPhone using
  4. rdub

    Apps "cleaning"?

    Has anyone seen this before? What does it mean? Sent from my iPhone using
  5. rdub

    XHD/XHDZ theme

    Does anyone know how to change the xhdz default lock screen picture using iFile? Sent from my iPhone using
  6. rdub

    Reset ifile

    Is there anyway to reset iFile? I've tried uninstalling & re-installing but it remembers its previous settings & directories, even where I was located on the springboard. Sent from my iPhone using
  7. rdub

    How to delete Email auto-fill

    Is there a way to remove old and incorrect emails or just ones like eBay that show up on the auto-fill when composing a message it's quite annoying. I've looked on google and the only one I found used iFile and ended up deleting all their contacts, is there a way to remove these using iFile...
  8. rdub

    Mail app craahing

    My mail app has started constantly crashing, iPhone 4 5.1.1 jb with redsnow. Is there some way of resetting the mail app with iFile or something. I don't want to loose my jb. Sent from my iPhone using
  9. rdub

    Whats the difference?

    I've jailbroken before and I plan on doing it again, last time I used redsnow, I searched and I don't see it this time, what is the difference between it and absinthe? Or is there redsnow again and I'm blind? Sent from my iPhone using
  10. rdub

    Recent problems

    Recently everytime I've upgraded something from cydia that doesn't require respringing I get the following 5 icons appearing Also my RAM is very low to the point the phone crashes I'm running iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken, any ideas?
  11. rdub


    Ok I'm probably going to get laughed at for asking this, but is there such thing as an external memory device for the iPhone 4, something similar to the external battery case?
  12. rdub

    Changing wallpapers

    Does anyone know if there is such an app in cydia that allows wallpapers to be changed with the sp pages?
  13. rdub

    Jailbreak detection

    Does anybody know if an app such as xCon from cydia that prevents jailbreak detection is necessary to still be able to use the Apple store?
  14. rdub

    Wont let me download from cydia

    I just jailbroke 5.0.1 and cydia won't let me, attached is the warning screen, any ideas?
  15. rdub

    Can't edit contacts on Ios5

    I updated my iphone4 a week or so ago to ios5 and now I've realized I can't add or delete contacts anyone know how to fix this?