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  1. jauhari

    Does there are some Tweak to display Battery Percentage like this?

    Does out there any tweak, app or something that we can use to Enable Battery Percentage when Charger has been plug in. But when charger has been pull of. This Battery Percentage on the task bar will be disappear? Any possible to do that?
  2. jauhari

    How To Enable 3G Only Network Data?

    How to do this simple step. We want to Enable 3G only and disable EDGE. Example if our coverage didn't find any 3D Network... Data Network will Disable. How to do that?
  3. jauhari

    Help Me fix my Restore SMS Only on iPhone 4

    I have search on Google how to restore SMS only in iPhone 4. Almost all the tutorial give us step by step by using restore data from backup with this name extension *.mdata and *.mdinfo The Problem is, on my ~user/Library/Applications Support/MobileSync/Backup/unique folder name This files...
  4. jauhari

    Battery: What Completely Running it Down mean?

    I was read from Apple Source here Apple - Batteries - iPhone They saidUse iPhone Regularly For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it’s important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. Be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100%...
  5. jauhari

    The Best earphone for iPhone 4

    Please give me share about you experience using earphone. Which one the best earphone you ever used and if you need to buy... Which one is it?
  6. jauhari

    How To Enable Spotlight to search data App?

    Is it possible to enable Spotlight to search data on external app? Example I was install Awesome Note, I want Spotlight to be able search data on Awesome Note. Is it possible? How?
  7. jauhari

    How To BLOCK Phone Calls?

    Is it possible in iPhone to Block un needed and un wanted calls? Call from our contact address or from stranger number? How to do it in iPhone? Non Jail Break Tips /App please
  8. jauhari

    How To Enable Data only on iPhone 4

    I want use Data only on my Cellular Network. That I mean I want to disable SMS/MMS and Phone Call featured on limited time and keep Data Access via cellular network running without any problem Is it Possible in iPhone 4? How To do that?
  9. jauhari

    Restictions Question and How To?

    Hi All, I have some question. It's about iPhone iOS 4 restrictions. My question is. Is it possible to restricts some apps to be played or display on screen for quest user? Example I have FIFA 11 game, and I want this apps hidden from quest. Is it possible? How to do that? Best Regards Jauhari
  10. jauhari

    Screen Guard or Not?

    Like we all know, iPhone 4 made from high quality glass. My question is simple, does we need still needed to put some screen guard on it? Share your experience and which one better? Using screen guard or not?
  11. jauhari

    New Social Group - Asia iPhone 4 Owner

    jauhari has created a new social group called "Asia iPhone 4 Owner", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
  12. jauhari

    How To Hidden Operator SIGN?

    Is it possible to hidden Operator Sign on the top left bar? How?
  13. jauhari

    Full Charge iPhone icon?

    On my previous NANO 5 GEN if batter full charge will be display like this. My question does iPhone 4 have to? if this feature possible, how?
  14. jauhari

    I'm Jauhari new iPhone 4 user

    I am new in iPhone, iPhone 4 is my 1st iPhone gadget, before use it. I am die hard fan apple gadget (iPod, MacBook Pro and OS X) Nice to meet you all...
  15. jauhari

    Office Suite: Quickoffice vs Document To Go

    I've a plan to purchased one of this Office Suite (Quickoffice or Document To Go) But I need more details review from iPhone4Forum users, what I need to know is Which one better? Why choose the Apps? If you check on AppStore Quickoffice only 4.99 and Document To Go (9.99 and 19.99) Please...
  16. jauhari

    Multi Touch Question?

    iPhone 4 has Multi touch ability, my question is how many touch that iPhone 4 can handle in the same time (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or unlimited) Any resource about it?
  17. jauhari

    Facebook 3.23 Apps Problem

    Why on my iPhone 4 Facebook 3.23 version can't upload photos? when I try to sent status updated and chose camera icon, the application back to Facebook Page main page. How to fix it?
  18. jauhari

    How to Check my iPhone 4 Produced?

    I got my iPhone 4 on September 29, 2010 and I like it, when I check using iTunes this has iOS 4.0 and I got an update info around 500MB into iOS 4.1, and I was successfully updated. I am also read from another thread they has got an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 installed. My Question is, how to check...