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  1. SirWilliam6

    Texting problem

    Don't know if anyone else has or had this problem. But. I live in the mountains and a lot of times cell service is tricky. Thank god For wifi. Lol. The biggest thing is if I send a text and there is no service it don't send. And if I forget to check. You know. Lol when I had my 4s hacked I...
  2. SirWilliam6

    Pics size

    Is there a way to make my pics smiler as I take them to take less time to send them Sent from my iPhone using
  3. SirWilliam6

    Camrea light

    I have a 4s and the camera light comes on and won't go off until it gets to hot then shuts down. I've reset the phone and it worked for a few hours but is now back on again. Sent from my iPhone using
  4. SirWilliam6

    I need a ATT Unlock pin code

    AT&T has locked my phone. In order for me to switch carriers I need a unlock pin code. Can anyone tell me how or where to get one? Ty Sent from my iPhone using
  5. SirWilliam6


    You know when you make a folder. And move pics over? Is the a way to take them out of the main folder so they don't show up in both. Or a way around it? Sent from my iPhone using
  6. SirWilliam6

    JB iphone4s

    I sold my 4 a few months ago and got the 4s' now I want to JB it can it be done? Is there anything I need to worry about? Thank you guys for your time Sent from my iPhone using
  7. SirWilliam6

    Blocking Phone Numbers

    Hi is there a app or a way to block someone calling you?
  8. SirWilliam6

    Playing Audio Files

    I am getting Audio Flies though Messaging!! but it says THIS MOVIE COULD NOT BE PLAYED!! it's a Quick Time File!! any ideas!! at what I am doing wrong? is there a app I can get to play them? and keep them on my Iphone4? it is JB!! Thank You for the Help:messages:
  9. SirWilliam6

    All this info and still have a question

    I have searched and searched the forum and cant find a link for redsn0w to download. Please help.
  10. SirWilliam6


    I Use greenpoision to jailbreak 4.2.1 shortly after it came out, I like to keep it updated,every other day, am I missing out on any new things bye not upgrading to the Newer Verison? will it get to where Cydia will not have some things to update it I don't