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  1. tibadoe

    Reset and Erase

    Can't seem to find what I need to do. I would like to reset my iPhone 6 plus back to factory. I'm running iOS 12.4 currently. I thought I read somewhere I need to turn off the Find My iPhone before I reset - but I don't really remember. Do I need to or not? Any other things I need to do...
  2. tibadoe

    Email Setup Help

    I have my regular email setup and it works fine on the 6 plus. As of now, what ever I do on my phone syncs with the email server - like deleting email on phone it deletes it from server or move to folder it moves email to folder on server. I would rather have it not sync with the server. I...
  3. tibadoe

    App Store updates

    Updated to 9.1 this morning and all was OK. Now the App Store app is showing 2 updates. When I click on it, it shows 1 update under updates. Click updates and there are no new updates to be downloaded. I restarted phone and reset phone with no results. Any ideas?
  4. tibadoe

    I upgrade today!

    I ordered my 6 plus from Apple a few weeks ago. Ready to activate it and pass the 4s down the line. If memory serves me all I need to do on the 4s is perform a backup in iTunes and sign out of iCloud? Then I can do a reset it to bring it back to "stock" like when I bought it?
  5. tibadoe

    Upgrading from 4s to 6 plus

    My 6 plus was delivered on Friday. Been so long since I set up a new phone I have some questions. Currently I back up everything on Desktop in iTunes. I also use iCloud for Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes. When I set up the 6 (under same iTunes/iCloud account) I will also back up...
  6. tibadoe

    Notes & iCloud

    I use my iTunes to sync my 4s to my PC. But I do use iCloud to sync my Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders. I would like to sync notes to iCloud also but it wants me create a free iCloud email address. Why won't this work under my email address I use with cloud & iTunes currently? Don't...
  7. tibadoe

    Are all 6plus iphones the same?

    Time for me to step up from the 4s. So in the near future I will be purchasing a 6 plus. Currently have Verizon and my contract will be coming to a close in a few months. Will be purchasing the phone outright. Don't know if I will be staying with Verizon or maybe trying other prepay or...
  8. tibadoe

    iOS updates thru Wi-Fi or iTunes?

    When it comes to updating and/or installing the iOS, does it matter if it's done over Wi-Fi or thru iTunes? Is one recommended over the other? I have used both ways over the past few years and so far have never encountered any problems. I do back up before each upgrade or patch. Just...
  9. tibadoe

    New member

    Hi: I just signed up. Been a iPhone user for a few years. Time to upgrade since I still use a 4s. I need to get some info on the 6plus since that is the direction I am going.