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    help unlock iPhone 4s with gevey Ultra S

    when my iphone4s was locked I got it unlocked by the remote unlocking service of ***** I shared them with the network to which my mobile was locked and they helped me in unlocking with the instructions.... so if your not able to unlock your mobile you can also try with them... gud luck..
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    Factory Unlock my new Iphone 4S bought in Sweden

    you can try with third party unlocking service called ***** provide them with your IMEI number and get your iPhone 4S remote unlocked...
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    looking to unlock iphone 4s on sprint

    If sprint is not offering the service you can try getting it unlocked from any online service providers... They provide you with unlocking codes using which you can get your iPhone unlocked and enjoy using any network... I tried with **** who provided unlocking code for my iPhone... gud luck...
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    iPhone tips

    kudos... :)
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    How can I factory unlock iPhones myself?

    i am also interested to know how to unlock an iphone by myself.... i tcheck the guide for more details...