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    Meaning of numbers in iPhone 6 weather app

    In my iPhone 6 weather app, the city is displayed at the top of the screen, with the temperature below it, and the day (for example, "Tuesday Today") below it. To the right of the day are two numbers. The first one is a number in white font that is high and the one to the right of it is a number...
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    View videos on TV app from last viewed rather than from the beginning

    Historically, whenever I watched a video on the TV app on my iPhone 6 and then paused it, I would come to the place in which I was paused when I would relaunch the TV app. Now, whenever I relaunch the TV app, I am always taken to the very beginning of the video. This just started happening this...
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    Deleting iCloud shared photos from my computer

    In my Photos app, I have several photos set up for sharing with family members. Photos in these folders automatically download from my phone to my laptop. After I view the photos on my laptop, ,I delete them. However, they re-download on their own. I believe this is because my computer is...
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    Cannot turn off Shuffle mode

    For about 2 weeks now, the music in all my playlists has been playing in Shuffle mode, and I have been unable to get the songs to play in order. Pressing Shuffle in the Playlist just causes the Playlist to advance to the next randomly-selected song. It doesn't actually turn off Shuffle. How...
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    Duplicate contacts and deleted contacts showing up on iPhone and Outlook

    I have Contacts in Outlook that I deleted years ago that are somehow showing up in Outlook. Where are they coming from? If I delete a Contact in Outlook, will it be deleted from my iPhone when I sync my iPhone through iTunes? Or does it somehow remain on my iPhone and then get copied back on...
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    Messages on my lock screen disappear

    I get brief updates of emails and messages on my lock screen. When I tap the home button, I see them. Then, when I tap it again, they are gone. When I left swipe from my home screen, I see Up Next, Siri App Suggestions, News, Weather, Reminders and Tips. When I right swipe, I get my camera. When...
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    Formatting in Outlook Contacts changes after synchronizing iPhone through iTunes

    Whenever I synchronize my iPhone through iTunes, the formatting of the notes of some of my Outlook contacts changes. The Times New Roman font changes to +Body, spacing appears before / after some of the paragraphs, text that I had set to all caps turns into headings in a blue font, etc. If I...
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    Permissions error when trying to delete iPhone 6 phones through Windows 10 File Explorer

    I have about 300 photos on my iPhone. I want to select and delete about 100 of them using File Explorer in Windows 10. When I try to delete them, I get the following error: "[ImageName.jpg] could not be deleted. You do not have permission to delete this item." I get the same error for all of...
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    Permission error when trying to delete images on iPhone from within Windows

    I have many photos on my iPhone that I want to select and delete all at once. When I plug in my iPhone and explore the photos in File Explorer on Windows, I can select them and then press Delete, but File Explorer displays this message, "You do not have permission to delete this item."
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    Set ringer to silent while having my alarm play music

    When I set my ringer to silent, my alarm only vibrates and does not play music. When I set my ringer to normal mode, my alarm both vibrates and plays music. Is there a way to have my ringer on silent while having my alarm play music?
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    Where is my Videos / Movie app or other app to watch videos?

    I think there used to be an app on my iPhone 6 called Videos or Movies or something similar. I was able to use it to watch videos that I synched to my iPhone from iTunes. I was looking for that app today and could not find it. Is it possible that the App was somehow deleted due to a recent...
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    Text in notes section of Contacts runs off the screen

    I recently downloaded an update to either my iPhone 6's iOS or to iTunes (I don't remember which one) and now I notice that on my iPhone, the notes section of each contact runs off the screen and no longer breaks to the next line like it did formerly. Is it possible to restore the wraparound...
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    Increase pixelation/photo size on iPhone 6

    My iPhone takes photos that, when zoomed into, are very grainy and pixelated. Is it possible to increase the pixelation/photo size of photos taken on my iPhone?
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    Unwanted message icons pop up while I am texting (writing SMS message)

    While I am writing an SMS and then lay my iPhone down or hold it horizontally, a window comes up with a group of icons with script in different languages, such as "Joyeux anniversaire" (happy birthday) and "Merci" (Thank you) in French. How do I stop that window from coming up? Whenever I put...
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    Unable to call on FaceTime using data

    I am unable to call on FaceTime when using my iPhone 4's data plan. I get a message saying that I have to connect to Wifi in order to use FaceTime. however, I do not have Wifi. I have data through T-Mobile. Why won't it connect using data?
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    Photos do not synchronize between iPhone and laptop using iCloud

    I have iCloud set to automatically download my photo stream to my laptop. About 10% or 20% of the time, the photos automatically download as long as both the iPhone and laptop are connected to the Internet. The rest of the time, the photos do not download, even when both the iPhone and laptop...
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    Block ads on free apps

    Is it possible to block ads from appearing on free apps?
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    Cannot connect laptop to Wifi when setting up iPhone hotspot

    I am trying to connect my laptop to my iPhone’s Hotspot. I have three options: 1. Connect wirelessly 2. Connect via Bluetooth 3. Connect via the cord The only way I can successfully connect is by plugging in the cord, which quickly drains my laptop battery. Attempting to connect...
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    Constantly signed out of Skype

    Every couple of days, when I go to Skype on my iPhone, I find I am signed out. I am unable to identify any pattern to this. On my computer, I remain signed in all of the time. Is it possible to remain signed in to Skype on my iPhone all of the time as well?
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    Using iCloud to share photos and videos

    When I set up iCloud several weeks ago, I ticked iCloud Drive and under Photos, I ticked: - My Photo Stream - Download new photos to My PC - Upload new photos from my PC - iCloud Photo Sharing Some questions: 1. What is iCloud Drive? 2. Why is it that only photos I have taken on my iPhone...