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    Upgrade not applied

    Ive been waiting 2 1/2 months to see what transpires but I wanted to see if anyone else had this happen. July 9th I got an upgrade for one of my lines through phone sales. There was a screw up and they put my order on backorder so I cancelled it. The next day the phone arrived anyways and we...
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    Need upgrade opinion

    Common question but need some advice from i5 users. For the first time in a decade Ive kept my phone upgrade eligibility came up. ive got a 32gb 4s that I love but Im strongly considering a 5. I know the 5s is rumored to be out soon which Im betting is October, and I know its expected...
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    This is something Ive been dying to get for a LONG time so excuse me while Im rather excited someone finally did it. Basically it turns your iphone ipad or ipod into an airplay receiver. There used to be a tweak that did this but i could never get it to work. May sound crazy to want to do...
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    iPhone as BT mouse for iPad

    Anyone seen of a way to use an iPhone as a bluetooth mouse to control an iPad? Ive got my iPad connected to a stereo at work and want some way to control music and such from my phone. Both are jailbroken
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    Anyone get uisounds working in either winterboard or another way? I change the sound in the system library but that results in a boot loop.
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    Winterboard Boot Loop

    Finally got around to installing winterboard today and when I reboot directly following the install I get stuck in a boot loop. Im able to go to safe mode and remove winterboard. Anyone have the same issue or found a solution for it?
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    Itunes home sharing remote app

    Is anyone having issues logging into home share. Got an apple tv and tried connecting to an existing hme share and couldnt so i logged out of home share in itunes, ipad and iphone and now none of them will log back in.
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    Itunes match issue

    Im not sure what section this belongs in so feel free to move it if necessary. Ive got itunes match running perfect on my ipad. All songs, artists and artwork show up. On 2 other computers I get the same thing, all songs, artists, and artwork show how they should. I upgraded to ios6 on my 4s...
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    Calendar events and multiple days

    Is there a way to create an event in ios that spans across multiple days and the calendar show that event on everyday instead of just the start date? If i create the event in google calendar it shows on ios spanning multiple days. This is starting to create an issue with scheduling.
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    Steps to prepare for ios 6 upgrade and ios5 downgrade

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to properly save what needs to be saved on my 4s running 5.1.1? I want to upgrade to ios 6 next week but knowing a JB will be a ways away Id like to have the ability to downgrade and restore my 5.1.1 JB after apple closes the signing window on ios5 if I...
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    How many tweaks...

    Just curious how many tweaks people are running. Im debating if ive got too many so ive removed a few but then i miss the functionality so i put em right back. Wondering if i would get more battery life leaving some of them off. I know its gonna depend on which im running but im just curious...
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    Will you share data?

    AT&T's new shared data plans release tomorrow so will you switch and why? For me I'll be switching first thing in the morning. Ive currently got 3 lines all on 3gig data plans with 1400 minutes to share. 2 of those lines average 1/2 a gig per month. Im grabbing the 10 gig plan so I can have...
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    Photostream - Delete on iPhone but not on other devices

    Is it possible to delete a photo uploaded to photostream on my phone but keep it saved on my windows pc running icloud control panel? Ive set a folder on my pc to store my photostream photos but when I remove them on my phone its removing them from my windows folder as well.
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    View photos in "details" view

    Wondering if anyone can recommend an app that will let me view a group of folders by name with or without a thumbnail. I store about 500 product prints on my phone for work when im away from the office and I need to be able to quickly find the one I need by seeing the name of the image. Right...
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    Mix and match themes

    Ive tried not posting about this and doing it myself but after 4 days i give up. I wanna use noki-hd icons with existenz theme. I only want nokis icons and this is where i get issues. The structure is different. Existenz uses an icon folder where noki puts icons in the bundle folder within the...
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    Backing up current ios and baseband

    Ive gone through the searches but just wanna make sure I do this right. If I make a backup in iTunes will that allow me to restore my phone with its current ios even if a new one comes out? Im on 5.0.1, I want to have a way to reload it if 5.1 comes out and apple stops signing 5.0.1. I tend to...
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    Last day to decide on 4 or 4s

    So I need an opinion from you guys. I had a 4s on Sprint, switched to AT&T and decided to get the 32 gig 4 so I could have more storage at the same price (plus the 4 had been untetherered the day before). So I have till tomorrow to decide to keep the 4 or get the 4s. I do think I notice some...
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    4S Screen replacement same as iPhone 4?

    Got a decent scratch on my 4S screen and being the picky person I am Im thinking about going to my local pod drop to get the screen replaced. The only question I have is whether or not the iPhone 4 screen is the same retina display as the 4S screen I have. I see a bunch of repair placing...