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  1. Burnt Toast

    Can we change Siri

    Hi all , will you be able to change siris voice to the star ship enterprise computer voice ?
  2. Burnt Toast

    sms fail , but can phone the same people

    Been having this problem were I can send sms to some people in my phone address and some others just come up undelivered . the only way to deliver the sms to the people that I cant send an sms to is to use my wifi at home any ideas please
  3. Burnt Toast

    Latest iOS 9 on my 5c

    hi all , im running the latest iOS 9 on my phone and have this bug were the screen goes black when there is a person ringing me.
  4. Burnt Toast

    Phone not working. Left on charge

    Phone not working. Left on charger overnight and now wont turn on. any Ideas on what would be wrong with it please
  5. Burnt Toast

    ph restore not happening

    using win 7 , with latest itunes im tiring to restore or update 2nd hand iphone 5c. after clicking the restore or update button , itunes goes threw the update software steps , then it gets to restoring Iphone firmware part and itunes says error code 1 . I have tried what it says to do lots of...
  6. Burnt Toast

    how can I get sync to work when the dropdown screen is not highlighted

    have plugged my ph in and I go to sync my ph in devices , but when devices is highlighted the next options are all grey ? cheers
  7. Burnt Toast

    itunes song as ringtone ?

    hi all , Im woundering if you can use any of your itune songs as ring tones or sms tones please
  8. Burnt Toast

    resetting iphone

    if I reset my iphone ( get it ready to sell ), do I need my sim in it
  9. Burnt Toast

    dropped phone , beeping

    Hi all, I dropped my phone and it wont power on , when plugged into charger it makes a beeping noise . any ideas please
  10. Burnt Toast

    hi there everyone , from New Zealand

    great website Cheers
  11. Burnt Toast

    can you use bluetooth to send photos from one ph to the other

    I have just upgraded to a better phone , is this the way to do it . Cheers