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    Only getting emails when I unlock phone?

    Since IOS 10 I seem to only get email notifications and banners when I actually unlock my screen, I thought nothing of it at first but it's been a few days now and it's too coincidental that it keeps happening. I use the stock IOS Mail app linked to my Gmail account, which is set to 'Fetch'...
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    Unread email notifications even though they are all read?

    OK so I was trying out the new Mail feature where you can mark all as 'Read' or 'Unread', I first marked them all as 'Unread' then marked them back as 'Read', problem is that my Mail icon is now showing a ton of notifications yet actually in the Mail app there are no emails that need reading...
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    iOS 10 - No clock etc on home screen?

    iPhone 6 by the way... Am I going mad or has my clock and signal bar etc gone missing from the top of my screen? I'm sure I used to see this info on my home screens while browsing my apps? I can see it again when actually in an app, like image below: But it's not there on my home...
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    IPhone zooms image when viewed in landscape, why? [images included]

    Here are two screen grabs of the exact same image, one viewed in portrait and one viewed in landscape, and you'll notice that on the landscape version you can't see the spot lights in the ceiling as the phone has for some reason zoomed in, and it won't let me zoom out? I'm guessing this is...
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    Why does "auto edit" only show up for some photos?

    As above, why does this only appear for some photos? Sent from my iPhone
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    WiFi keeps dropping!

    Had the phone (iPhone 6) a week now and haven't managed to fix this. When I wake my phone up 50% of the time the WiFi fails to come back on so I'm constantly having to manually switch WiFi off and back on again to get it to connect. Thought I'd fixed it the other day by setting https proxy to...
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    WiFi not turning back on after sleep?

    So as well as my WiFi keep randomly dropping it also doesn't always come back on, especially after sleep, sometimes I can get it back by manually switching WiFi off and on again but sometimes I have to reboot the phone! Anyone else having any WiFi issues at all? Sent from my iPhone
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    WiFi goes off when phone is sleeping?

    Is this normal? Every time I wake my phone up the WiFi is off and takes a little while to reconnect. So in areas where I have no cell signal and am relying on WiFi like when I'm at work I get very delayed notifications and emails etc as my WiFi is seemingly off whenever the phone is asleep...
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    Poor cellular and WiFi signal?

    Since getting the iPhone 6 both my cellular and WiFi signal has been very poor, cellular signal keeps disappearing even in areas where my old phone (Galaxy S2) would be fine, and WiFi keeps disconnecting every 30secs even when I'm near the router. Nothing has changed with the router and I'm...
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    Iphone 6 (non plus) case thread...

    What cases are you all getting for your 4.7" iphone 6's? I'm after the Case Mate Caliber as I need something semi tough due to work and doing boy things at weekends but it's showing as not available with no information as to when it might be...
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    New to iphone, have a couple of questions regarding iphone 6

    Thinking of making the switch to iphone from Android. But wondering if now is the right time? With the iphone 6 just around the corner would it be stupid to get an iphone 5s now on a 24 month contract? Historically how long after release does the 'S' version of the iphone come out? My current...