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    Battery case?

    Anyone hear anything about Apple battery case for iPhone 12? I’ve bought multiple different battery cases for my 12 mini and I’m not happy with any of them.
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    Screen protectors

    Do the screen protectors for the 6s work for the iPhone 7?
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    Help with bluetooth hesdset snd audible!

    I have an iPhone 5 and when I try to listen to audio books from audible with my Bluetooth headset it cuts out so bad I can't listen to my book. Does anyone know of a fix for this issue? Any help will be much appreciated.
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    no service

    i currently have an iphone5 with verizon. For the past week whenever i only have one bar of service for any prolonged period of time my phone loses all service. My daughters phone does not do this she always has 2 more service bars than i do. This only started happening a week ago. Any sugestions?
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    I'm hoping someone here can help. I have an iphone4s and 2 ipod toutchs attached to my itunes account Is there a way to give them their own user name for Imessage? When i get a message from one of the ipods it shows my own name and all three devices get the text messages. Hope i explained...
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    missed calls

    Is there a way to delete missed calls without deleting all call history?
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    question on restoring verizon iphone back to factory setting

    Hello I am new to iphones and jailbreaking. I have searched these threads and cannot find an answer to my question. If i need to revert back to factory settings and unjailbreak my phone do i just restore it in itunes? Will this break the jailbreak? Sorry for my ignorance and thanks for any...