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    BT Smart Talk App

    Hi guys, we all like to save a few pennies, i recently reviewed my internet and landline phone costs. i was on BT for landline and Infinity 1 internet, thats not a boast, i got 40 meg per month. I changed to infinity 2 and now get unlimited 80meg download and 20 upload. I run a small business...
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    So what is the next big phone/tablet inovation?

    not just another iOS V Android thread, thats all been done to death in here :). News reports of a slide in the sales of smartphones iirc 11%, so i thought this is due to the quad dip recession but is it really due to the lack of fresh must have idea's? Whatever your flavour or make loyalty...
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    Wiries about WhatsApp and others like it

    A while back installed WhatsApp after an 'invite' by a contact. I accepted it looking at my contacts but never expected or was warned it would then contact all of them, givng all my email and phone numbers. We all have people we know but rather not speak to, being a small business owner their...
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    Quality Issues mean I Cancelled my IPhone 5 Order

    Hi guys, being a 'floating voter' so to speak i get a sales call from the then T-Mobile flogging the iPhone 5. Deal for £149.00 and £43 pm i could get unlimited everything (within their fair usage). So i ponder and think ok go ahead, and i wait, and wait. After 5 weeks i call them up to find...
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    Tethering and your tarrif heads up

    I started this thread outside of Skulls excellent 'myth busting' so as not to detract from or confuse in Skulls fine works. With my phone 24 month contract due up (having originally bought my IPhone4 on it) i contacted T-Mobile to get my monthly payments reduced. Most if not all service...
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    Organising 'NOTES

    NOTES is i find very useful due to simplicity, but organises notes by creation date, meaning the older notes are hard to find. Any way of organising by title? Not (and won't be) jailbroken, i already have Evernote and docs to go, I write down things like cable colour used on certain...
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    Where do you see Apple Phones and Tablets going in the future?

    Currently Apple rightly has the tittle 'iconic devices', the death f Steve Jobs we have lost possibly the strongest driving force of innovation and far sight so what of the future? Not talking Iphone 5 or iPad 3 but way further in the future, the iPhone was a startlingly brilliant combination...
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    iMessage registration will not accept my Apple ID Name

    Have a working Apple Id, i can access ITunes, download apps etceteras. I have never got iMessage to work, i have both iPhone 4 and iPad 2. if i 'register new account' and enter my Apple iD which is an email address, it says 'enter valid Apple iD', remove the '@' and it states 'registering'...
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    Scarewhare and Phone call scams

    Guys, many will be aware but some are not, So please read and be a little better protected. I'm writing this after a couple of members of my family were nearly fooled. But phoned me for advice fortunately. Phone rings, person ask's for you by name 'can i speak to mr or mrs muggins please'...
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    Funny/useful iphone apps clips

    Just an idea, post video links of amusing/useful iPhone or iPad idea clips
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    How secure is icloud and other cloud options, and should we be complacent?

    I use hotmail and gmx, last night, just before going to bed I got a load of 'failed delivery' messages, many for old defunct email addresses. I check the 'SENT' box in Outlook nothing showing, ditto for the iPad and iPhone. I go direct into Hotmail and there is the multi message's in the...
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    Nokia release Windiws Smart Phone - 2 little 2 Late?

    Watching news recordings of the Nokia Launch of their windows N8 smart phones, looking at the large and blocky icons I was not overly impressed. Before i go on i'm no blind Apple fanzine, tbh i disliked their earlier computer offerings treating a power chord as an optional and expensive extra...
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    Ios5 si what have we lost?

    Hus thread us ti find what 'normal' features you have noticed got altered or turfed out in ios5 Getting the ball rolling -: Call Forwarding No setting to alter the delay before VM cuts in on un-answered calks (mine was set frim 25 seconds to instant divert by the update :( )..
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    Imessage not connecting

    Heh I press the icon it shows the screen with 'connecting' at the top, and that's all it does🕗😠 Nothing in contacts or requests, settings has my name - and I can select play movie - whoopee! And ideas guys?
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    Call Forwarding/Voice Mail - No Delay setting in ios 5?

    As title, now I have iOS 5, there is no option to set the delay myself before diverting to VM (or another number). I know i can contact my carrier, but what a pain, early iOS v4 did not even have it as setting for voice mail or divert, later revisions sorted that but seems someone's dropped the...
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    icloud and ios5 problems! Tale of woh! Help please :)

    OK, updated my ipad2 after 2 attempts, set it to sync to iCloud -wonderful. After several hours including a single near 5 hour stint I finally got the ios5 on my iphone4, but then I'm told I have not enough space in iCloud for the full restore having used 4.4 GB, and iCloud only comes with 5GB...
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    iDry iPhone4 wateoriif case

    With holidays in Mexico soon, I got an iDry waterproof case. look it up on YouTube, there's a demo of swimming with one using the iPhones camera. Comes in several colours and rated waterproof to depth if 5 meters. It makes the iPhone much bigger than the Griffin, the Front lens is a soft...
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    IPF App - No New Thread Option?

    perhaps i'm just dim, when accessing the forums via the IPF app i can replay to threads fine, but i can't find or see an icon to start a new thread, the same also go's for the Ipad Forum App. so what am i missing?
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    Waterproof Cases - are you brave enough?

    Hi,been many discussions about heavy duty protective cases, mines the Griffin Defender others stoutly supporting the Otterbox, not to re-hash their individual merits neither are truly water proof as in for swimming, and the lifebox is expensive The wife recently bought an Ebook, we are soon...
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    Dual sim adaption for iphone 4

    I spotted this gadget, has a clip on battery pack that holds the second sim Could be handy when on holiday as both sims work (but only dual band).