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    Resurrecting 4s

    For purely nostalgic reasons, I'm thinking about swapping the battery from my wife's 4s (still good), and put into my old 4s. Considering I currently have an iphone 8, what can I do as far as usage with this 4s without paying another monthly service fee? I know I can text because I've done it. I...
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    iphone 8 help downloading

    OK it seems I made the mistake of recording Christmas morning in 4K 60 fps. Now I'm accustomed to recording 2-3 minute videos, and transferring to my PC with no problems. But this video is about 35 minutes long and can't seem to complete the process without an error message saying "something...
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    Iphone 8 - 4k

    My iphone 8 has a very hard time downloading 4K video to my PC. If it's a 1-2 minute video sometimes it takes a second attempt-then it goes through. For 2 days now I've been trying to DL a 5 minute video and it just won't do it. Stayed connected for about 20 minutes then I gave up. Gives an...
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    Display defaulting back

    My iphone 8 has starting defaulting to a very dim screen every time I turn it off, or when it goes into sleep mode. What can I do?
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    New iphone 8 question

    OK I just bought an iphone 8, the local AT&T store said they transfered all my contacts and music. The music didn't transfer apparently. I log into itunes for the first time with my new phone, and it gives me the choice of "back up from latest backup" or sign in as "new iphone". Normally I...
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    iphone 6 voice memos

    OK guys, Just got a new PC with Windows 10. In the past I've always been able to sync my phone in itunes, and my latest voice memos will come up in itunes window. Today I deleted a few voice memos from my iphone, and added 1 or 2 new ones. I go to itunes and right click on the phone icon and...
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    Transfering photos to iphone

    Can someone tell me how I can transfer photos from my pc to my iphone 6? I'm fairly certain it's done in itunes, but not sure about the proceedure. Thanks.
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    Iphone 6 acting crazy

    Since the latest IOS update a few days ago, my iphone is doing wierd things. 1-My messages icon shows "3" as though there are 3 un-viewed messages. Not the case. 2-When viewing my photos, I go to the deleted section. There are about 20 photos. I select the ones I want to permanantly delete. I...
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    Video sending

    OK my daughter's iphone 6 was trying to send a video (about 1 min 40 secs @ 60fps) to me and my wife's iphones. The video on my daughter's phone was great, but on our phones it came out blurry. When she initially tried sending the video in a data text it kept saying Message Send Failure. Then...
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    How to delete reminders

    Any idea how to delete past reminders? I go into the "show completed" list, and I must have hundreds, they go back 1 year.
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    Iphone 6 charging problems

    My iphone 6 is having a problem with what seems to be the charging port. I try 3 different charging cables, and I really have to play around to get the connection to "take hold". Even if I hear the chime, doesn't mean it's charging. What can I do?
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    Selling iphone 4s

    My wife wants to sell her 4s to a coworker, but we want to make sure everything is removed for privacy purposes. There is a reset section in the menu with a few options. 1-rest all settings 2-reset all content and settings 3-reset network settings Is the best option #2?
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    iphone 6 won't connect to PC

    Lately whenever I connect my iphone to my PC, it doesn't seen to want to detect in in my files/folders. I hear the chime ring, but "my phone" doesn't appear in the folders like it used to. Then on my phone screen it will ask me if I "trust this computer". Pressing the trust button does nothing...
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    Iphone 6 plus or 6s plus?

    OK everyone, I'll be buying my wife a new iphone for Christmas, and I'm curious as to wether there is an advantage/disadvantage to going for the 6s plus or the 6 plus. What exactly are the differences? Also our local AT&T retailer tells me there are no more contracts. That AT&T has implemented a...
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    App reset?

    OK I guess some would say my problem is a bit nit-picking, but here it goes. I have a weather radar app from my local TV station that I use daily. But about 2 weeks ago I see the dreaded "1" indicator of an update appearing on my app logo. As I'm sure others have experienced, sometimes the...
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    App transfer

    OK guys, I have an app that I still happen to have on my old 4s, and I want to transfer it to my 6s. It was a free app back it's been upgraded and is $2.99 now. How do I get it on my 6s? Thanks.
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    When does an app disappear?

    I had the Southern Sky app on my iphone 6 until recently. Now all of a sudden, it's gone-and no..I did not delete it. What could have happened to it, and how do I get it back? Thanks.
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    Apple password

    Any idea why my iphone 6 started asking me for my Apple password when opening some of my apps? These apps never asked for a p/w before. Sometimes I just click on "cancel" and it opens the app anyway. Very annoying.
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    Itunes Radio

    It's been a while since I accessed Itunes radio, obviously alot of changes. I remember it use to list radio stations from coast to coast, what happened to that format? I loved that. Anyway, here's my question, is it possible to access radio through my iphone?
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    Slo Mo feature

    My iphone 6 has a nice slow motion feature, but when I download a slo mo clip to my PC and try to replay it, it starts skipping and basically just can't play it back. Yet I've found that if my daughter sends a slo mo clip from her iphone 6 to my iphone 6, I download it to my PC and it plays back...