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  1. Primetime

    Tmobile LTE

    Curious to know how fast tmobiles 4G LTE services are on iPhone 5 and how extended their LTE coverage is in comparison to other networks..
  2. Primetime

    Calander issues

    My iPhone 4S all of a sudden wont let me put events into my calendar? The little" plus +" symbol is gone and it won't let me add an event on any day. I asked Siri to do it, and it got to the last step and it said it can't do it. Something is off in my settings or not right. But I can't figure it...
  3. Primetime

    Iphone 5 reused?

    I was just wondering if I lose my iPhone 5, and I get it replaced with another iphone5 through my carrier.. If someone found my iPhone 5 and had the same carrier can they activate that iPhone 5 on their account and use it freely? I suppose I wouldn't care at that point since I'd already have my...
  4. Primetime

    Severe battery drain with ios 6.0.1

    I'm experiencing massive battery drain on iOS 6.0.1 it's not just me either. I've been on Mac forums and other sites with many others having the same issue with the new iOS. I grow tiresome of these issues constantly being a thorn in my side with apple. Anyone else having these issues my battery...
  5. Primetime

    Do not Disturb schedule NOt working

    I have a favorites selected to come thru in my do not disturb schedule. Low and behold. It doesn't matter. My schedule for do not disturb turns on as it should during the schedule I've set. I selected "favorites" to come thru and not be blocked by do not disturb. BUT it doesn't work. It blocks...
  6. Primetime

    Iphone 5 in august. Not october. So I'm assuming this means iOS 6 will be released next month too in conjunction with the release of the phone.
  7. Primetime

    Cannot connect to itunes

    In trying to update an app. And the process is normal except after I put my apple password in a window pops up saying that "cannot connect to iTunes store" anybody else have this problem? iPhone 4s non jailbroke.
  8. Primetime

    Why so loud right afer using siri?

    I was wondering if anyone here has the same issue, but right after i'm done using siri, i'll turn the phone to sleep or press the top button to turn the screen off, and the shutter sound is super loud, as if it were on the loudest setting even though my phone will be on a very silent setting...
  9. Primetime

    Anyone know how to change the carrier name on ios 5.0.1 without jailbreak?

    I've already tried a method listed here on the iPhone 4 forum but the method doesn't work on 5.0.1. Tried it, I'm adept at these things and it simply didn't work. Didn't damage anything or lose anything either, it was as if nothing happened. So does anyone know if there is a way to do it for...